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Valya Todorova, Managing Director, on the chain where children are safe and free to discover the world and their talents


Finding the best kindergarten in Sofia for your children is a demanding task, especially if you want to find that rare combination of competent and friendly educators and staff, pleasant and encouraging environment, and personal approach towards each child and their interests and talents. ABC KinderCare covers all of these criteria, and offers even more.

What started in 2008 as a private kindergarten quickly grew into a popular chain thanks to its approach to always put first the wellbeing, happiness and education of children, and the satisfaction of their families.

Managing Director Valya Todorova

Today, ABC is distinguished for its multicultural environment, a strong feel of community and English-language instruction. For best results and application of the most advanced educational methods, the chain partners with the departments for Pre-School Education and English Language at the Sofia University. ABC KinderCare is also a member of the chain of International Educational Kindergartens based on the highest academic standards in pre-school for children aged 2 to 6 years old.

Managing Director Valya Todorova shares more.

What is ABC KinderCare for you, personally and as its manager?

ABC KinderCare is a place where children love to be themselves, feel safe and free, and grow and learn with pleasure, achieving bright and creative education!

Around what principles have you built the ABC curriculum?

We, at ABC KinderCare, understand that kindergarten is the bridge between early childhood education and elementary school.

Our program is child-centered. Based on the principles of developmentally appropriate practice, every day we offer a wide variety of activities for the children. The emphasis is on learning through play in an environment planned to stimulate discovery, independence and social interaction.

Children are encouraged to help themselves, take initiative and become increasingly independent in order to develop self-esteem and social competence.

You already have three locations in Sofia. What unites them?

Our locations add a touch of convenience to our families. Our facilities have unique features designed to draw out the potential of every child. The design of our physical spaces is informed by our values of creativity, curiosity and community. As a result, we have become a destination for those seeking a high-quality and progressive education for their children

Tell us more about the amenities at ABC KinderCare?

The overall design focuses on child safety, welfare, and security. ABC students enjoy playing and learning in a green landscaped area and individual group rooms designed with different topic corners according to the full integration of the IPC (International Primary Curriculum) learning provisions. We also have a dedicated room for academic activities and art, a special outdoor playground area and an outdoor learning area for hands-on learning with gardening and farming opportunities. Children at ABC also have a playground for sand and water play, and can have books from our designated kids' library. When they are hungry, they have a canteen area at their disposal. We also have a nurse room for first-aid care.

ABC Kindercare Centre Lozenets: Sofia, 27 Hristo Smirnenski st

ABC Kindercare Centre Buntovnik: Sofia, 31A Buntovnik St

ABC Kindercare Centre Dragalevtsi: Sofia, 8 Lagadina St

+359 889 80 96 55

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