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I want to drop this quick note to tell you that by accident I found Vagabond No. 61-62 in my dentist office and started to read. I think it is just incredibly good and I want to congratulate you for the quality of two articles, the first one being "Free and Fear" written by Mr Georgieff.

This is the first time that I read such a clever and sharp article in Bulgaria. So thank you for that.

I've been in Bulgaria for four months now and everything I read and hear on the Bulgarian TV, radio and newspapers is mostly a panegyric of the government and its policies – when it is not a 15-minute report about the prime minister cutting a ribbon somewhere.

Also I would like to congratulate Slaveyko Penchev for his article "Am I a Painter." Same thing. Smart and brilliant. Now I can say that I am one of your n°1 fans and I am impatient to read the next issue. Bravo again and keep writing those excellent articles!!

Stephane Moisset, Paris, France


Dear Vagabond,

We stumbled over the article entitled "Adopting a Bulgarian Child" by Dimana Trankova (Vagabond, No. 51-52) while waiting in the Checkpoint Charley Restaurant in Sofi a. This was our kickstart to begin an adoption here in Bulgaria. Like most people (including nearly everyone in the offi cial system) we did not know that it was even possible for foreigners to adopt according to Bulgarian law. We started collecting all the needed documents in June 2011. With help of our Bulgarian friends we managed to surmount all smaller and bigger obstacles on the road. Now, a week ago, our little daughter moved in with us. We have to say: Thank you Vagabond for this article! It simply changed our lives.

Britta & Michael

PS. We got to run – the diapers are calling.


Dear Vagabond,

Please accept my salutations for your excellent Jewish Bulgaria book.

I do have a few remarks concerning Lilyana Panitsa, mentioned on pp30-33 in the book. She did not inform her private gynaecologist, Dr Benaroya, about the Dannecker-Belev agreement to deport the Bulgarian Jews, but Buko Levi, the chairman of the Zionist Organisation in Bulgaria and deputy leader of the Jewish Consistory.

King Boris did not favour even Plan B, as you assert on p30. He favoured a "Plan C," which meant no deportation at all, just resettlement in the provinces. Finally, there was no Bulgarian participation in the 24 May 1943 rally in Sofi a (p30). The rally was entirely a Jewish aff air. I know because I lived in Sofi a and my father took part in it. Any claim that Bulgarians participated is a fabrication by Jews belonging to the pro- Communist Fatherland Front.

Samuil Arditti,

Tel Aviv, Israel

Issue 65

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As a long-term subscriber to Vagabond it is my pleasure to introduce to you my latest book, Why I Love Bulgaria that was published a month ago by Kibea publishers in Sofia. Until the beginning of this year I lived in Bulgaria.

Dear Vagabond,
I was invited to offer my perspective on Poets & Writers as well as the wider world of literary magazines, and for six days I got to know some extremely talented writers from Bulgaria, Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States while
I enjoyed your photos of Sofia under snow (no snow in Berlin, alas), the impressive research on Kolyu Ficheto
During the past seven years I have been taking tours into the Rila and Pirin mountains using snowmobiles, Rangerovers and off-road buggies.

The source used by myself in the Encyclopaedia of Islam to which I am a contributor is a short remark by Rupert Furneaux in his The Siege of Plevna, Anthony Blond publishers, London,1958.
Too many liberals in older EU member states, for example, fail to understand the insecurity and anxieties of ordinary people (particularly in these times of crisis and cutbacks), and too many venal politicians and shoddy journalists understand these all too
RE: What I have learnt for five years in Bulgaria, Vagabond No 47-48
We rented a car and after a considerable amount of beach-hunting (all of them seem to have beach umbrellas and plastic chairs installed), we settled at a relatively empty beach near the oil terminal in Rosenets (beautiful views of a small island called, I a
After working long hours and munching on supermarket salad for three evenings while slaving away on the computer until the wee hours, I decided to go out and treat myself to a dinner.
A guide_to_Ottoman_Bulgaria.jpg
I would be interested in hearing your opinion. I think that some feedback (in this case from a reader of a book published by yourselves) makes sense, and it is this idea that prompted me to contact you.

Living in Bulgaria 1942
I was born on 20 July 1930 in Pleven and I am a contemporary to these events. I had a friend, Edi; we went to school together. In 1943-1944 some interned Jews from Sofia lived in our house.