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Two young developers on why programming is more than writing code and how to become successful in the IT industry

Coherent Solutions Nikolay Danev
Nikolay Danev, .NET Developer at Coherent Solutions

Passion and coding go hand in hand at Coherent Solutions, a software development and consulting company. The company was established in Bulgaria in 2018 and it has grown sustainably since then. The Sofia team answers with dedication and enthusiasm. Coherent Solutions' talents break new ground on a daily basis, creating outstanding products and services and never standing at one place. How do Coherent Solutions talents achieve this? On the one hand, they are people who are really motivated to be the best coders around. On the other hand, the company has created an inspiring and encouraging environment that helps them to grow and do better. Two of them, Nikolay Danev, .NET developer, and Virzhinia Petkova, front-end developer, share more on why being a developer is one of the best things around. 

Nikolay Danev, .NET Developer 

Experience: 4 years as developer 

Why did you choose to become a developer? 

I never thought I could be anything else, I have been interested in technology since I was a child. Choosing to be a developer opens for you a lot of doors for career options. The ability to work from home is very important for some people, and since almost all the work is done on a computer, software developers are often able to work remotely. Another reason is that every industry needs its own type of software and people who can create it to their specifications. So, as the world becomes increasingly digital, the need for software developers is more likely to rise steadily. 

All those things – the freedom to choose, the convenience, the demand, the possibility to improve your titles and positions, made me choose to become a developer. 

What skills of yours help you to be good at your job? 

I am a team player with strong soft skills, quickly adapting to new things with a passion for learning. All that combined helps me to be good and flexible at my job. 

What would you advise a person who wants to start a career in programming? What is the hardest thing about the profession and why is it worth it? 

Everyone who wants to become a programmer, must start from the very beginning, the basics, then dig deeper in it and never stop learning new things. IT is one of the fastest evolving spheres. The hardest thing about the profession is that you have to refract your thinking in a way to start looking logically at any given case. 

How do you plan to continue developing in this area? What is the career path of a developer? 

In the next couple of years my idea is to improve my management skills and focus more on managing, to lead a team, a project, or a whole organization, who knows. I don't like to limit myself. The career path of a developer is mostly starting as a junior then improving to middle level, then senior and if the given person is very good – to architect. There are a lot more positions but those are the most common. I am thankful to be working in a big company like Coherent Solutions, because here there are no limitations, but a lot of opportunities to improve yourself in the desired area. 

Virzhinia Petkova, Front–end developer 

Experience: 2 years as a developer 

Coherent Solutions Virzhinia Petkova

Why did you choose to become a developer? 

I've always had this drive to do something good for society. I feel fulfilled when I believe I'm contributing to a better world. I do know that it sounds a little bit idealistic, but this is what development is for me. It is a chance to create products that help people, that make their lives better, that bring them joy – it could be an educational platform, a medical program, or even an app where your mom can save her favorite recipes. This is the reason I chose to be a developer, and I'd make that same choice again with what I know now. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that I also enjoy building beautiful UIs. 

What skills of yours help you to be good at your job? 

On one hand that's analytical thinking and problem-solving. This is what most people think when they think of a developer. However, something almost everyone underestimates when it comes to technical positions is communication. Programming is not just about writing code. It is about brainstorming solutions with your colleagues, giving and receiving feedback, knowing when to ask for help and helping a teammate when they need it. It is a team effort. I spend a decent amount of time communicating with my team. So, you really do need to have strong soft skills and be a team player in order to be a truly good developer. 

What would you advise a person who wants to start a career in programming? What is the hardest thing about the profession and why is it worth it? 

I’d say take it step by step. It can be very scary how big the world of software development is with all the different languages, tools, frameworks, etc. Just start with the basics and see if you like it. Find someone to mentor you and show you your mistakes. At Coherent Solutions we have a training center that helps new people to the industry become developers ready for real-world projects – it is a great place for junior devs. 

How do you plan to continue developing in this area? What is the career path of a developer? 

I've just started my master's degree in a software development related program. Also, I'm learning how to be a trainer in the Coherent Solutions training center so I can help junior colleagues learn React and use it successfully in a project. I'm very thankful for the opportunity and the confidence my coworkers have in me. Only time will tell what comes next.

Sofia, 40 Tsarigradsko Shose Blvd

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