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Boryana Gerasimova, founder of Re:Gena, on her business, connecting science to humanity

Boryana Gerasimova-ReGena
Boryana Gerasimova, founder of Re:Gena

For Boryana Gerasimova, founder of Re:Gena, innovation makes sense when it brings positive, sustainable change over time. This is exactly the kind of change she is fighting for in the biotechnology field, where she has been working professionally for ten years now. Her mission is to help people in Bulgaria take timely, proactive, and adequate measures for their health, taking into account the particularities of their genome.

Boryana and her team create solutions in the field of personalised medicine and functional genomics in collaboration with some of the world’s leading genetic laboratories. Combining the long experience of their international partners and their expertise in genetics, dietetics, physiotherapy, endocrinology, sports, and psychology, they develop a range of services in the field of personalised medicine. They begin by conducting genetic tests that eventually evolve into comprehensive programmes for the prevention and treatment of a wide range of diseases (cancer, autoimmune, cardiovascular, gynecological, metabolic, and others), as well as for improving weight control, fertility, and dermatological care.

What was your motivation to start a business in the biotechnology field? 

My interest in personalised medicine was born as a result of a health issue I was experiencing. Searching for a way to improve my health, which was seriously compromised by an oncological disease, I realised that the information encoded in our genes can help us influence the negative genetic predispositions we are born with and effectively prevent many health risks. 

There were no affordable personalised medicine solutions available in Bulgaria at the time and I decided to start a business to help people improve and personalise their health care, based on scientific data and proven genome-based solution.

Part of the problems we are helping to be solved are related to weight control, chronic disease prevention, including cancer, dermatological care, fertility problems, autoimmune, cardiovascular, gynecological issues, etc. 

What are the main principles you follow in the development of the Re:Gena brand?

Re:Gena is not just a business, but a personal mission. I insist on being close to people, explaining in simple language the science behind our tools and how people can apply themselves what they have learnt, approaching their cases with empathy and care. We try to make sure that our clients are informed in detail in which cases and to what extent our services can help them achieve the specific health goals they come to us with. 

Genetic testing is a powerful tool, but it is not a universal solution to all problems. Tests provide indispensable clues about how a person's body "works" and what measures they can take to make the most of their potential and reduce the burden of negative influences they are exposed to. However, achieving results in this direction requires persistence and effort on the part of the person being examined. Most often, these are related to changes in diet and exercise, control over already established habits, which may be related to the sleep regime, overcoming stress, etc. 

Our work has been showing us that people are much more motivated to improve the way they feel and the way they look when they receive expert support and can rely on the experience of proven specialists. 

We support our clients at every phase of the change they are going through. We provide solutions and information, which they will be able to benefit from for decades ahead.

What are the main factors for the success of your business?

I’d put first and foremost the quality of services, the expertise, and the experience of our multidisciplinary team. I have been fortunate to work with exceptional professionals, including medical geneticists, dietitians, endocrinologists, a physiotherapist, a sport psychologist, and a trainer. They've undergone a number of training and certification courses to build genome-based programmes and each of them has a key role in helping our clients achieve excellent results with the help of the DNA tests.

How do you see the future of your company? 

Business development in our industry is related to the introduction of constant innovations, which aim to provide increasingly complex yet precise care for people. One of the directions in which we are investing efforts is linked to the creation of effective "white label" solutions for our partners, including clinics, medical centres, medical professionals, sports trainers, nutritional therapists, beauticians, and others. We provide them with the opportunity to personalise the services we offer together and tailour them to the needs of their customers and business. We can provide this option because we have invested in the development of a biotech core that automates a huge part of work processes.

Sofia, 8-10 Stara planina St 

+359 885 289 437 

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