by Bozhidara Georgieva

Open your senses for the tastes, aromas and bliss of this ancient and modern drink

Bulgaria's wine traditions span so deep back into time that no-one can say for sure where they begin. But even the strongest traditions change and open space for new tastes and fashions. Bulgaria is not an exception. The country has already a stable position on the modern wine market, adopts novelties, invests in vineyards, technologies, specialists and wineries, and enjoys a growing group of people interested in wine. Tellingly, this November the specialised expo DiVino.Taste attracted over 70 Bulgarian producers (from large to family), which presented 500 labels to a public thirsty for the discovery of new tastes.

Bulgarian wines are on the rise. They win international awards, and on the local market compete with a new player, which also changes the rules and imposes new and exciting tastes: import. Foreign wines from the Old and the New world include from mass vintages to true objects of the art of winemaking with their own history, character and unique taste, and are key for the implementation of novelties and the education of new tastes in Bulgaria. Syrah is a good example. Until not that long ago it was seen as something exotic and strange to the Bulgarian wine lovers, but today it is valued and some wineries invest in vines of the variety.

Even the best of wines, however, are pointless when there is no-one to appraise them. Happily, the number of informed, knowledgeable wine lovers in Bulgaria is growing. And this is excellent, because it stimulates both producers and importers to offer even more quality wines.

Wine is a good friend all the year round, but in the winter a glass or two of a class vintage bring a particular light in our everyday life. This makes wine an excellent gift: for us and for our loved ones.

Merlot Barrique 2013 by DiVes Estate

Merlot Barrique 2013Wine that leaves lasting and pleasant memories: this is Merlot Barrique 2013 by DiVes Estate ( Its deep, dark ruby colour is complemented by a flavour of dried berries, spices and caramel, tobacco and minerals, plus a rich taste of melted tannins, and a long and intriguing finish. In short: the perfect wine to bring taste, colour and light to the long winter evenings. The qualities of Merlot Barrique 2013 were already recognised with a silver medal at the winemaking competition of ENOEXPO 2015 in Krakow, a seal of approval from the AWC Vienna 2015 and a bronze medal from Decanter World Wine Awards 2016 in London.


Chambertin Grand Cru Cuvée Héritiers Latour by Cartel
Grand Cru Cuvée Héritiers LatourFrance, Burgundy, Louis Latour: three great names in the world winemaking. The Latour family has been winemakers since the 17th century and the Chambertin Grand Cru Cuvee Heritiers Latour Pinot Noir is their history, know-how, tradition and philosophy in a nutshell. This classic Grand Cru has an impressive garnet hue and a distinctive smoky nose with hints of licorice and berries. In the mouth it is beautifully balanced with oaky flavours coming through and evolving toward notes of mixed berries and underbrush. Ideal with fatty fish, roasted chicken, duck and other game birds, casseroles or, of course, Beef Bourguignon.
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On 11-13 November 2022 wine lovers and professionals from Bulgaria and abroad will gather for the 11th edition of DiVino.Taste. The event will take place at Inter Expo Centre Sofia and is organised by DiVino, a specialised media outlet.

Summer is no summer without beer. Cold and in a pleasantly sweaty glass, it gives us a gulp of freshness in the heat, accompanies us on the beach and at the restaurant, waits for us in the fridge to return home from work.
On the verge of 2020, Bulgaria's wine scene is diverse, active, bubbling with new suggestions.
Stomach is not only the sole way to men's heart. The rule is valid for anyone who is in a foreign country and wants to get to know it.
Walking around central Sofia in the couple of past years means to immerse yourself in a cosmopolitain atmosphere: the sidewalks are crowded by people from all continents and the lively conversations of Greek, Israeli, Indian, Italian, Turkish, Spanish and S
The eyes of the Frenchman in the company that is sitting in a popular Sofia restaurant become round from surprise. The Bulgarians he is sharing the table with one after another order a strange drink as an aperitif.
There were exceptions, of course, when everyone just loved the wine offered.
Recently, getting to know Sofia's culinary pleasures have become a sight in its own right. A variety of culinary traditions, innovations, experiments, well-known and beloved suggestions – the Bulgarian capital offers a solution for every taste.
Regardless of whether we are tourists visiting a new place or we are living our ordinary lives, we are after authentic experiences and tastes. Food is probably the most significant manifestation of this trend.
Recently Sofia has experiences such a number of excellent restaurants, with menus and atmosphere to discover and fall in love with, that your head can easily spin.
In Bulgaria, Rakiya is much more than a drink: it is a part of national culture. There is hardly a festive or everyday gathering around the table to start without savouring a glass of Rakiya, accompanied by seasonal salad and appetisers.