Most countries in the world have adopted an animal to symbolise what their nations think of themselves. Australia has the emu, South Africa the springbok. Canada has the beaver, China the panda. In Europe, the countries are almost equally divided…
With its rolling hills and uninspiring towns, the central part of northern Bulgaria appears unexciting and dull, a place you pass through on your way to somewhere else. However, as so often happens in Bulgaria, appearances are deceiving. Leave the…
Apart from St Sofia in the capital, the marvellous mosaics of the Bishop's Basilica and the Small Basilica in Plovdiv, and the remains of the metropolitan church in Nesebar, traces of the early Byzantine era in Bulgaria are scarce and…
Cafés, palaces, former public baths denote Bulgaria's historical and fictional presence
Choosing your next travel destination in Bulgaria is tough. If you are yet to become acquainted with this country, it is easy to get lost in all the opportunities.
Tourist crowds tend to spoil places and Begliktash is not an exception. Located near Primorsko, on Bulgaria's crowded southern Black Sea coast, the Thracian megalithic shrine gets crammed in the holiday season. There are package tourists, there are independent visitors,…
When you travel around Bulgaria, from the capital to the smallest of villages, you will inevitably encounter monuments of stern men and sometimes women, with guns in their hands and passion in their eyes. Made of stone or bronze, these…
Smolyan is one of Bulgaria's best examples for Communist urbanism, and what became of it post-1989
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