by Bozhidara Georgieva

High technologies and nature meet on the terrain of contemporary architecture and interior design


Architecture, construction and urbanisation are one of humanity's greatest discoveries. Without them the history of the world and the way our planet looks would be different. In the 21st century, however, they are changing more dynamically than ever. On the one hand is the rapid development of technologies such as innovative construction materials, options for creating smart buildings and spaces, and the strive for energy efficiency. On the other hand is the desire to rediscover old building techniques with natural materials that bring in not only the feeling of cosiness and contact with the natural world, but also remind us that functional and energy efficient construction was already being developed millennia ago. Sustainable and bioarchitecture are quickly gaining new ground. This trend is also being implemented in the interiors. In order to meet the spirit of today, they have to be adaptable, multifunctional and created with a vision for environment protection and saving resources.

These traits of contemporary architecture and interior design logically are reflected in style trends oriented towards minimalism, clean lines, preserving the authenticity when working with older buildings and spaces, strong connection with existing natural elements, such as trees, rocks and water bodies, or purpose designing of gardens and green spaces, plus lots of air, light and open spaces.

All of these are very good, especially when we marvel at them on the pages of specialised magazines. But how do they translate to the language of actual consumers of contemporary architecture and interior design – the private and public investors and the owners of new and old apartments, country homes, stores and restaurants?

The architects and the interior designers are the people who stand between big ideas and their application in practice. When they are good professionals, they can skillfully play the role of translators and create spaces that are modern, comfortable, functional and visually outstanding. Only with their help the task of creating exemplary spaces in the 21st century can be successfully solved.

Is haute couture in architecture and interior design achievable? The work of LAGO DESIGN architecture studio (Sofia, 18 Yantra St, phone: + 359 882 908 669, demonstrates that the answer is affirmative. Created in 2003 as a studio for public and residential interior design, today LAGO DESIGN works in other fields of architecture as well – design of family houses, wooden facade planning and execution supplied by the Slovenian factory M Sora, furniture and interior details production. The studio's professionals have sound experience in working with complex spaces and accept partnering with clients who have the patience and will go through the long process in its completeness from the project's beginning to its final realisation. Thanks to this combination of professionalism, creative vision and psychological approach each LAGO DESIGN project embodies the ideas and feelings of haute couture.

The modern ambitious, visionary companies seek offices that match their identity – different, memorable, original. The portfolio of MoVe Architects studio (Sofia, 23A Dragan Tsankov Blvd, Tetrix Business Centre, floor 7, phone: +359 888 657 420, is evidence that with the right professionals creating such an office space is possible. The studio specialises in project management, architecture and interior of workspaces and covers each step in the process of selection, design and moving into a new office. MoVe Architects' interior solutions stand out with their bravery, inventiveness and functionality, backed by competence combined with clear understanding of the space and the activities and identity of the client companies. This is why MoVe Architects work with some of the largest companies in Bulgaria and with small visionary organisations seeking spaces that reflect their innovative spirit.

From the biggest task to the tiniest detail – IVIS Architecture & Design (phone: 088 929 5771, offers the full range of services required for the realisation of a development project and its handover for exploitation. Since 1989, the IVIS professionals have created working, modern solutions for a wide spectrum of buildings and projects. When needed, they can also do the construction, the finishing works and the interior design. Public buildings and commercial sites, blocks of flats and country villas – regardless of the type of the project with IVIS you are confident in the quality of all processes, the modern solutions and that the deadlines will be kept.

Combining contemporary trends in architecture and interior design without losing the individuality is among the outstanding marks of the solutions offered by HIGH-END DESIGN Studio (phone: +359 896 698 025, It was created by two young female architects with the ambition to reveal the strongest sides of each space, who approach each task with sense for the detail, erudition and the skill to decode the inhabitants' individuality and to translate it into the language of architecture and interior design. It does not matter if HIGH-END DESIGN is working on a residential interior project or on a public or commercial space – the studio always provides outstanding solutions that leave a strong memory behind.

The creation of the interior of a gym, spa centre, restaurant, hotel or business building is particularly challenging, as the space should be simultaneously distinctive and to put first the comfort of the inhabitants. Studio Pro Design Interiors (Sofia, Okolovrasten Pat 251E, The Ring Tower – Office Building, floor 2, phone: +359 897 06 29 28, has perfected the skill of creating such interiors into a true art. The professionals at Pro Design Interiors offer qualified help in each step of the process of interior creation – from the preliminary design to the realisation and the author's supervision. The solutions that they create stand out with their innovative vision, functional layout, optimal comfort for the users of the interior and sense for the tiniest details.

When you want the project for residential or public building or an interior to be flawless, Proektta Studio (Sofia, 2 Louis Eyer St, phones: +359 889 317 381, +359 889 301 111, will pleasantly surprise you. Established in 2018 by two experienced architects, the studio has mastered to perfection each step of the process of designing buildings and interiors in a harmonical blend of form, function, style and materials. The recognition of the professional community is a clear sign for Proektta Studio’s quality of work – in 2022 its project for the Amara Sugar Hotel in Sunny Beach was awarded by the Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria and Archinova.

The professionals from Agrippa (Sofia, 23 Tvardishki Prohod St, floor 8, office 30,, a studio for progressive solutions, focus entirely on the clients and their needs and become veritable mentors and guides in the world of architecture and interior design. Agrippa's work covers all aspects of design – from spatial planning and architectural design to interior and landscape design, to clarification of investment intentions and the development of all project phases. The realistic 3D imaging and VR animation make an integral part of the studio's communication with clients – because the people in Agrippa are aware that everyone wants to experience their project's design before it is built. Thanks to this attitude, the studio's professionals turn into a reality the limitless ideas of both individual clients and investors.

The second crucial factor in translating ideas to the language of reality are the materials, technical installations, the design of the green spaces and the maintenance services. Without them even the most perfect project would remain just this – an attractive 3D illustration.

The coatings of natural materials by the Greek company KOURASANIT (Sofia, 79-81 G Rakovski St, are one of the easiest ways to transform the interior or to create an accent piece in it. You only need to choose the company's special filler coatings that can be applied on furniture and to enjoy the effect. Based on pozzolana (lava) and hydrated lime, they cover excellently a wide range of surfaces – from wood and MDF to steel and brass. All KOURASANIT products for interiors, exteriors, floors and furniture are modern, visually impressive and with antibacterial properties, and can be applied faster than ordinary coatings. The KOURASANIT products combine tradition and modernity by stepping on the practices of ancient builders, but in a modern interpretation that focuses on environmentally friendly production, natural materials and recycling.

Facades, sun protection solutions, window frames, doors – when a building is "equipped" with ETEM systems its inhabitants enjoy comfort, safety, and functionality. With over five decades of experience in designing and manufacturing high-quality architectural aluminum systems, ETEM has established itself as a global leader in the industry. Through constant innovation, ETEM's solutions enable the construction of buildings and interiors that blend practicality and style, while also anticipating future trends. ЕТЕМ's systems also impress with their high energy efficiency, and the company's architectural solutions are certified according to significant international standards for environmentally friendly buildings.

Wood is one of the oldest building materials, but until recently it played mainly a decorative role in modern construction practices. This notion is now changing, as architects and developers become increasingly aware of the immense potential of wood in modern construction and interior design. Studio Nedyalkov Architects (phone: 0878 227 099, FB: Studionedyalkovarchitects) skillfully explores this new direction. The studio's projects are examples of intelligent use of different types of wood. Practical, functional and reliable, they demonstrate how to effectively combine nature and modern construction, and the ideas for wood and plywood furniture redefine the traditional notions and create their own aesthetic universe.

Feeling safe and calm when inhabiting or working in a space is impossible without reliable protection – and people who do not want to compromise with this aspect of design and construction seek help from the professionals at Intesa ( For over 30 years now the Bulgarian company has been introducing to the local market the most reliable and innovative solutions for security and door handles and accessories by renowned international manufacturers. Always in line with modernity and its requirements and needs, today Intesa also offers custom-made high technology security systems compatible with the smart home concept where you can manage everything from your smartphone. For optimal safety and increased comfort, the Мaster Key and Keyed Alike systems, offered by Intesa, allow controlled access to each room and real time control. When you seek solutions that are not only effective, but also look good, browse the catalogue of top class door handles and accessories by respected Italian manufacturers represented by Intesa – you will be more than pleasantly surprised.

Gardens need professional care in order to look good and to stay in excellent health. With the services of BodeLand (, you can be sure that your garden will be in top condition regardless of its size and location – in the city or outside of it. Since 2010, BodeLand has offered a portfolio of services for creation and maintenance of green spaces – from garden design and realisation to maintenance and cleaning, to watering and lighting. BodeLand's team of professionals knows well the different plant varieties and their needs, is capable of planting them in the best possible way in the particular plot, and takes care of their condition. For even better results at competitive prices, choose BodeLand's subscription services.

The ownership of a home, an office or an investment property is not only a pleasure, but also a responsibility. The site and the shared spaces should be kept in top condition, utility bills should be paid on time and the needed repairs should be done well. With the help of AZAT Property Management (Sofia, 33 Blaga Dimitrova St, phone: 0877 601 991, all of these concerns disappear. They are taken care of by true professionals who have an in-depth knowledge of the processes, know how to "negotiate" with "difficult" neighbours and put transparency and communication with clients first. AZAT clients use professional software for a real time grasp of the utility bills, know that they can always contact an understanding and competent company representative who will help them, and are sure that the suggested solutions for repairs are the best on the market. Book a free meeting and inspection with an AZAT representative to learn more.


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