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Quality translation is irreplaceable in the modern world

Speaking foreign languages has long become a necessity in the modern world. It is one thing, however, to be able to direct a foreign tourist in the street or to order a lunch while abroad. It is a completely different matter when moving to another country for work or study, expanding your business and establishing contacts with business partners beyond the borders of your own country, or organising an event with international participation.

In these and many other cases, professional translators are irreplaceable.

They are the people we should seek help from for translation and legalisation of documents, and for translation of specialised texts. The presence of a skilled interpreter during business negotiations with present or future foreign partners guarantees that the messages of all participants will be properly conveyed. The conferences, seminars, meetings with international participation are unthinkable without qualified interpreters. The websites of modern companies often need versions on other languages in order to communicate more adequately to a broader audience the company's activity.

In such variety of activities that ask for the interference of a professional translator the choice of a quality company specialising in this is of utmost importance.

When we are facing such choice, it is good to have in mind several things.

Reputation is key when choosing a translation agency. Companies which have been on the market for years and have established themselves as reliable partners should be preferred over new arrivals that might offer lower prices and shorter deadlines, but due to lack of experience, capacity, correctness can put you in an uncomfortable position. Quality translation agencies have contracts with the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and have implemented in their work international quality standards. They work only with professional translators with rich linguistic experience and knowledge in specialised fields of human knowledge and activity like law, economy, medicine, finance, technology and others. The quality agencies edit and proof-read the translations before sending them to you.

For now translation softwares cannot compare to flesh-and-blood translators. Good translations agencies, however, use professional softwares and terminology data bases that are invaluable in production of systematic, consistent translations.

Often a translation should be done in a very short time. Express services via distribution of a single text among several translators, however, have their risks. In such a case, proper translation agencies will discuss with you in advance your commission and the deadlines, and will make it clear what you should expect.

When we talk about leaders in translations services in Bulgaria, the name of Translation Agency Lozanova 48 (Sofia: 2 Dante St, phone: +359 2 980 04 63; 68 Parchevich St, phone: +359 2 989 40 93; 23 Tvardishki Prohod St, Business building, office 2-3, phone: +359 2 958 76 15; Varna: 13 Ivan Vazov St, phone: +359 52 80 45 99; is among the first that come to mind. Founded in 1994, the agency was the first in Bulgaria to implement a software for computer-aided translation and a system for business management, and permanent teams of translators in its offices. Lozanova 48 implemented a system for quality management in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and EN ISO 17100:2015. Thanks to this innovation the clients of Lozanova 48 receive translation services with guaranteed quality at competitive prices. Today in the four offices of the agency work over 1,000 professionals in the field of translation, interpreting and documents’ authentication from and to over 50 language combinations.

Competence, quality, reliability, competitive prices: these are only some of the advantages for the Bulgarian and international clients of Content Translations (Sofia, 1 Pop Bogomil St, EVROTUR 2 Business Centre, floor 5, office 27, phones: 02/488 4808, 0882 98 2020, Since its founding in 1998, the translation agency has been following its mission to offer services of the highest quality in the field of translation and interpreting by qualified translators and specialists. Its portfolio includes as well translations to all rare European languages, including by native speakers. The agency guarantees the quality, speed and accuracy of the translation with the use of specialised translation softwares for storage and usage of large data of technical terms. The pre-print programmes it uses allow the agency to offer to its clients translation in their preferred format. Content Translation offers translations in a variety of specialised subjects, like technical documentation for exploitation of machines and equipment, accounting, law, finance and insurance documents, legal papers, corporate documents and others. The agency has a contract with the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry to perform official translations, and is certified under the new standard for quality of translation services ISO 17100:2015.

Professionals who not only meet your requirements, but go beyond them: this is what you get in Translingua translation agency (Sofia, office 1: 21 Gogol St, office 2: 16 Pirotska St, Established by two highly professional translators, Translingua works with professionals with rich experience in fields like law, economics, banking and medicine. In order to provide an optimal accuracy of the specialised translation, Translingua co-operates with specialists from the given field, or works with consultants selected by the client. The agency offers translation and interpreting, and can provide teams of interpreters with the needed equipment. It is a priceless partner if you need help for the organisation of a conference, seminar or other public event. Translingua is also of help when you need preparation of presentation, localisation (language and cultural adaptation), comparison of translation memories, and others. It is certified under ISO 9001:2008 and EN 15038, and is a founding member of the Association of Translation Agencies.

When professional translation is concerned, size doesn't always matter. The proof is the boutique Transal Services agency (Sofia, 5 Graf Ignatiev St, floor 2, office 204, phone: (359) 889 733 534, The company specialises in interpreting, economic and legal translation and subscription services. The professionals in it will help you to organise a big or small event with international participation, without worrying that your messages will get lost in translation. The translations at Transal Services are made by carefully selected professionals with expertise in the corresponding field, and are then checked, including proof-read. If you work with international partners, but you cannot afford an employee with the corresponding language, the subscription programmes of Transal Services solve the problem. With them you get professional translation of correspondence, documents, conversations quickly and at preferential rates.

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