It will become clear, when it becomes clear.

Finance Minister Simeon Dyankov on the topic if and when pensions will be increased

… Today in Bulgaria being a criminal means great media attention, great attention by the journalists, because you have robbed, killed or whatever. So here you will have perfect conditions to interview the arrested.

Boyko Borisov to the media at the opening of the new building of the Criminal Police headquarters

The additional expertise of Europol might prove that we are among the producers of the most beautiful 500-euro banknote.

Interior Minister Tsvetan Tsvetanov, after a meeting with Europol director Rob Wainwright

At the moment what might be applied to Bulgaria’s joining the Schengen Zone is the be-quick-slowly rule.

EU Commissioner Kristalina Georgieva

Next year 400,000 people are going underground.

Prime Minister Boyko Borisov predicts a passenger increasе after the enlargement of the Sofia underground system in 2012

You meet evil people everywhere, but when you have a small country with loads of evil people in it – well, that's pretty nasty.

Jazz musician Milcho Leviev explains why he left Bulgaria in 1971

I have always said that a Gypsy in rightwing politics is like a Negro in Ku Klux Klan.

Tsvetelin Kanchev, leader of the Euroroma Party, on the significant turnout in Gypsy neighbourhoods during the open primary elections for Sofia mayor and president of Bulgaria, held by the rightwing Blue Coalition


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He who takes wads of cash will perish by wads of cash.
We must not look as though we are not determined to go on with reforms.Hristo Ivanov, Co-Chairman of CC-DB
The Bulgarian agriculture sector is in shambles.Kiril Vatev, agriculture minister
This is an aggressive offensive against statehood, history and memory.President Rumen Radev on the Soviet Army Monument in Sofia
Yes, I was informed that during the street violence the interior minister was at the movies. At this time there was a meeting of the Council of Ministers and the deputy minister was present instead.
Our homegrown Bolsheviks wanted to organise an October Revolution.Gen Atanas Atanasov, chairman of DSB, on the unsuccessful no-confidence vote against the government
We have laws already. What are we ranting about? All tarts woke up 16 years later to remember they were raped. Like the case of that American film director whom they turned a monkey into.
I want to make it perfectly clear that Ukraine insists on continuing this war, and that the bill is being paid by the whole of Europe.
We started a new political transition and we need wider support.Hristo Ivanov, leader of Yes Bulgaria, on negotiations with DPS MP Delyan Peevski, sanctioned under the Magnitsky Act
Since yesterday afternoon a drone has been hovering around my terrace and has entered it.Yasen Todorov, deputy director of the National Investigations Service
GERB want a Latin American type of stability – a handful of people and companies getting all the money while the rest of the people are poor or emigrate to escape being poor.
Bulgarian women may have lower pensions, but they live longer.Biser Petkov, former Public Welfare Minister, on the pay gap between men and women