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And the hands of the doctors at Preventica, the first medical center for health prevention in Bulgaria


Imagine a future where you never get ill or sick, and live in perfect health year after year. No, this is not an utopia, but a completely achievable lifestyle with the help of Preventica, the first medical and dental center for preventive medicine in Bulgaria.

What is Preventica?

Preventica is an innovative concept that steps on millennia-old principles and turns them into a reality with the help of modern science, technology and knowledge, combined with individual approach.

Preventica clinic

Preventica opened in Bulgaria in April 2022 and is a part of the leading Austrian holding SANLAS. SANLAS was founded in 1992 and now has a number of specialized healthcare centers for medical care, treatment, and rehabilitation.

What is preventive medicine?

The concept of Preventica is simple, yet ground-breaking. The company is aware that modern people often forget or do not have time for regular prophylaxis which is crucial for preserving one's health. To help, Preventica materializes a principle which was coined by Hippocrates himself and is now the foundation of so-called preventive medicine: that prevention is the best medicine. Preventive medicine focuses on the health of individuals and communities to prevent diseases and disabilities by identifying and analyzing risk factors and mitigating them. It also realizes the importance of individual approach for improving the general health of each patient.

How is Preventica unique?

Preventica translates the concepts of preventive medicine into an innovative service. The center provides a wide range of medical and dental services in many fields, thus complementing the idea of integrated health care.

Preventica clinic

The doctors at Preventica help patients to find the answer to a crucial question: Am I healthy and how long will I stay healthy? To find this, Preventica’s doctors analyze and assess individual risk factors and their mitigation, and create bespoke long-term personalized health strategies based on specialized treatment and appropriate lifestyle changes to prevent diseases.

At the helm of technological progress

Preventica uses the most advanced diagnostic and treatment methods and latest generation high-tech equipment, like the first automated ultrasound system in Bulgaria for diagnosis of mammary glands. The center also has a rare for the country cardiopulmonary test for examining the heart and lung function during exercise, which is highly beneficial for athletes and a state of post COVID. The dental unit is just as fully equipped and offers a full range of services in prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.

Preventica clinic

The role of individual approach

The doctors at Preventica understand that each human body is different and requires unique medical treatment. They develop personalized long-term programs for prevention and treatment, and closely monitor their implementation to ensure that every patient will achieve their personal health goals.

Preventica patients also have a personalized digital health file and enjoy easy access to information and effortless appointment booking.

To sum it up

Preventica goes one step further than the rest of the medical centers by providing preventive healthcare strategies in addition to the traditional health care services.

Preventica helps you to live more healthily, to be aware of the concrete risks to your health and to know how to mitigate them. This is a new-generation healthcare service for the modern individual who wants to stay healthy in a science-based, effective way.

phones: +359 87 6320 001, +359 2 4399 001

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