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Architect Svetoslav Stanislavov, creator of the outstanding residential compound, on how to achieve the perfect combination of tranquility, comfort and contact with nature

A Place to Call Home

We all crave living closer to nature, we all are tired of the noisy, busy urban environment. Those of us who cannot move permanently out of the big city have an alternative option. A Place to Call Home is a new residential development in the outskirts of Sofia that provides the best of urban and country life in an innovative, aspiring architectural environment.

A landmark project, A Place to Call Home is intelligently designed to provide inhabitants with the feel of living in a secure, close-knit community close to nature, while enjoying modern comfort and fast connection to Sofia.

Starch Team

STARH, starh.bg

A Place to Call Home was designed by architect Svetoslav Stanislavov and his team at STARH Studio. The studio is powered by the ambition to break the confines of established stereotypes and to offer a fresh, bold approach to architecture in projects of all scales and function.

What is the concept of A Place to Call Home?

The project's idea was to turn a prosaic urban space into a meaningful, useful and well organised environment where spaces are subordinated to function and technologies, while still focusing on the human presence. The clean minimalistic design, combined with innovative technologies and more greenery helped for the creation of a project defined by its quality and modern content.

A Place to Call Home

How does A Place to Call Home stand out from the rest on the market?

The project's outstanding characteristics are nature's tranquility and unblemished beauty, the compound's optimised size, the low-rise building concept and the architecture's contained elegance. The community is located in one of Sofia's greenest and most tranquil areas, surrounded by the quiet and abundant trees of Boyana neighbourhood.

For what people is A Place to Call Home?

For everyone who seeks a modern, comfortable home in a gated community of row houses grouped in low-rise buildings with unrestrained panoramic vistas to the mountain and the city. A Place to Call Home is for people who crave clean air, connection with nature, rich greenery, safety and healthy living conditions.

A Place to Call Home

Why did you choose this particular location? What are its advantages?

The project's investor, Mr Krasimir Krastev, had the privilege to choose the location. Our task as architects was to analyse the context and to synthesise its strong points into a single project. The location offers a good connection to both the city and the Vitosha mountain. The National History Museum and Boyana Residence are just a kilometre away.

How does the compound's architecture provide modern, comfortable living to the residents? How do you guarantee the tranquility of inhabitation?

The gated community consists of 34 row houses grouped in 6 buildings, orthogonally situated on the terrain in a way that provides a maximum of free space, panoramic views and favourable exposition. An underground parking with 78 lots provides the houses with enough parking spaces. This approach freed the aboveground space for the creation of a tranquil park environment with abundant greenery and water for relaxation, recreation and social activities.

A Place to Call Home

The design's concept core point, around which all other elements were created, is the gradual visual connection between the separate buildings. We wanted to achieve a feel of space, air and freedom of movement and communication. The exterior is restrained, with controlled lines and a determined order. Clearly defined verticals dominate the house facades, underlining the overall rhythm. The colour code is sparing to the eyes, a flowing synthesis of white, grey and wood.

How A Place to Call Home provides its inhabitants the needed connection to nature?

The community is located at the foot of the Vitosha mountain. This is a guarantee for lots of clean air, a wonderful vista and tranquility. The nature park is at the compound's doorstep and offers to fans of mountain tourism endless opportunities to hike, explore, relax and have fun. The nearby Simeonovo Ski Lift allows fans of winter sports to switch quickly from their everyday life to their hobby.


A Place to Call Home


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