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When you have plans and you value your time, we will find the best insurance for you – from a distance. Contact us online. Use our automated calculators. Take out your insurance without leaving your office.


The answer is, a registered trademark for online insurance of Insurance Broker Omnicar and Partners. gives you the freedom to choose among the best offers on the market without leaving the comfort of your home. All of our products are evaluated and recommended by us well in advance, but the team of will always tailor a solution for your specific requirements. Fast, reliably and effectively, the company will give you the optimal solution for each of your needs.

GAP: Guaranteed Asset Protection for your car

Do you rely on your car? It is a part of your plans. We will guarantee the purchase price after car theft or total loss with the formula: GAP + Car comprehensive cover = New car

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Best Doctors

Secure yourself the care of the best doctors at leading hospitals around the world. Best Doctors will organise everything so that you can have second opinion on some of the most common and grave diseases and conditions. They will cover treatment and recovery care for up to 2,000,000 euro. Check the calculator on



Exclusive offer: Cybersecurity for home office with affordable insurance for small and mid-size businesses that want to protect themselves and their employees from unauthorised network access, stolen data and other attacks during the pandemic


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Cyber@Home: The insurance of the smart business

Boris Rusinov, manager and partner at Insurance Broker Omnicar and Partners, about the innovative product that helps business to protect from cyber crime

Moving work from the office to home brings a number of cybersecurity risks for both the company and its employees and clients. That is why the savvy and responsible solution for a company is to invest not only in good cybersecurity products but also in insuring its data. This is why Insurance Broker Omnicar and Partners offered to its clients the special product by Colonnade Insurance S.A. Cyber@Home, insurance for cybersecurity for work at office and home.

Insurance Broker Omnicar and Partners was established in 2013 as part of Omnicar Group. Its professionals provide their individual and corporate clients with risk analysis of their activity, social policy and laws and regulations. Boris Rusinov has been an expert insurer, manager and partner at Insurance Broker Omnicar and Partners since its foundation. He is also a Board Member of the Association of the Insurance Brokers in Bulgaria.

Why do we need to make an insurance against cybersecurity breaches when we have antivirus programme?

Technologies evolve very quickly, including ones used by bad actors. Imagine a car driven by the most conscientious person: even they are not safe from accidents caused by chance or irresponsible drivers. The alarm system does not fully protect the home from robbers, that is why we take out home insurance. Cybersecurity insurance does not make the system safer, but it takes care of the consequences after a security breach.

Boris RusinovWork from home brings in some specific risks, such as a family member or another person using the company laptop. Corporate security systems are not at their best with work from distance and home Internet connection. Distance can also make personal identification and archiving of company information harder. That is why the covered cyber attacks include unauthorised access to the company computer network, both at the office and at home, that have led to exposure of personal and corporate information; DoS attacks; botnet DDoS attacks; creation and distribution of malware (viruses, worms, Trojan horses); investigation by the Bulgarian Commission for Personal Data Protection; cyber blackmail.

Who can benefit from Cyber@Home insurance?

The insurance should be called Cybersecurity for Work at Office and Home. It is adapted for the state of emergency situation and the changes that will inevitably follow it. It provides the fastest evaluation possible of the risk, the policy pricing and the deal making. It aims to help a small or mid-size company manager to change the work process when needed without risking the firm's cybersecurity. Companies that benefit from the quick price calculation are in the fields of professional services (law, accounting, architecture, IT, factoring, consultancy), property management, education, tourism, transportation, retail, construction, storage and logistics, manufacture, call centres, telemarketing, data processing, Internet services, telecommunication. Other organisations and firms that want larger limit can also use the product but for them we have deeper risk assessment and individual pricing.

What risks does it cover?

The insurance covers loss of personal and corporate data and also of information by an outsourcing subcontractor. It covers network security, too: installation of unauthorised software, denied access to an authorised person, theft of access code for the insured's network, destruction or corruption of third party personal data stored in the insured's system, reveal of personal data, physical theft of insured's assets. Cyber@Home clients also receive coverage for data-related investigations and expenses for cybersecurity experts, notification of data subjects, and establishing whether the lost data can be recovered or collected anew. The insurance also covers cases of cyber extortion for personal data and damages linked to extortion during international attack of the computer system.

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