With her practice, Voice of Mind Coaching, Vesela helps people find their true power and achieve their authentic strengths

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Modern women have been trying to reclaim strength and power from men since the 1960s. As a result, we saw many stories of female successes accompanied by lots of stress and competition with men. In the 2020s, we all wonder if women empowering is done right. Is competition with men and demonstration of strength the only way for women to thrive and prosper? 

The Voice of Mind Coaching practice set by Vesela Mangeyna suggests a redefinition of what is the true power of modern women. Vesela's mission is to help people to unleash their authentic power and potential from within and achieve higher purpose. Thanks to her work, people are able to discover their true inherent strengths and capacity, be successful and live in harmony and inner peace. A graduate from the Warwick University, Vesela is a certified Business & Life Coach, a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and a certified NLP Praktik and NLP Master. She received her coaching certification from Noble Manhattan International and her NLP certificate from the Bulgarian NLP Institute. Before becoming a coach, she worked for 13 years in the Bulgarian and International corporate finance world.

What does it mean for a woman to be strong in 2023?

For me, being a woman today is both a challenge and a true power. The Wоman needs to understand what is her inherent power and use that power to turn the challenge into achievement.

The challenge comes from the fact that women have various roles today in society which all are highly demanding. To be a business woman is more demanding than to be a business man. To be a mother and a wife is breathtaking. That is how the need for the woman to be strong and durable was born.

The key is by going from role to role to keep the key strength for that role. For example, to be a business woman you need to have power, strength, initiative and action. All that is a typical man's power. To be a wife though you need to be loving, caring, harmonious. To be a mother you need even more from the latter. And here is the conflict. When a woman who is strong and powerful and commands at work comes back home she continues to play the same strong and powerful role instead of recovering her inherent role of being lovable, soft and caring. The switch from role to role with the right input and energy is fundamental.

What is the biggest mistake that women make in their personal and business communication?

The biggest mistake women make is to compete with men at work and at home by fighting to gain control and power. We need to understand that men and women have different roles and different ways of doing things and this is the beauty of life – to complement each other and not compete, to "take the control" through participation, not through ignorance and rejection. If we are a woman and act as a man we are not authentic. Our authenticity is defined by our female nature. No authenticity, no right decisions.

How should a female boss behave with a male subordinate, then?

A woman who is a boss has to firstly recognise that a man is standing in front of her, second comes the employee. Threat and fight should be the last resort. People management is a true art and refined ways should be used to unleash the power of the employees and not to suppress it. This is what I do in my coaching practice – to teach my clients to use their inner power and inherеnt strength which will always bring them to the desired destination.

What about a woman who works with a male boss?

This is a rather normal situation I would say. The man should not be pushy and forceful. He should value and appreciate women's power of creativity and intuition and allow them to unfold their female potential rather than asking them to act like a man.

How can you help us communicate our female power properly?

My main objective is to help people identify their inner power and potential, acknowledge their strengths and weaknesses, build up their confidence and learn how to live without stress. A world without stress can be a turning point for the business.

Another aspect of my work is how to harmonise heart and brain when decisions are taken. People often live in conflict between the two and wonder what is wrong. Heart is the Leader, Brain is the Executor. In the human body these two organs function harmoniously. Any disfunction in the heart affects the brain and vice versa and the body is suffering. That is why harmonisation between them both in life and business is a key for people to thrive and prosper and live in harmony and satisfaction.

You had a successful career in finance. Why did you decide to become a coach?

Coaching is the next level. To become a coach requires a broader experience in life and career and a higher level of understanding the diversity of people and minds. In coaching, we work with what is under the surface and not visible to change what is above the surface and evident.

My favourite and key aspect of my work in coaching is to identify the root cause of any issue or obstacle. To face the exact matter. Often people do not have their "right diagnosis" and therefore they are applying "the wrong medicine." It is like a GPS navigation: if you put the wrong starting point A, you will never get to the desired destination B. I love this, as many people come to me saying they did lots of things and it turns out they do not know the core of their problem.

Being in the corporate world for 13 years helped me to grow and cultivate skills and wisdom that are required for a coach to be. I enjoyed my entire finance career. It is just that at some point I realised I need a higher purpose – to directly contribute to the humankind and change people's lives.

In short, what do you want to achieve with your clients?

My biggest objective is to help people transform their lives and build confidence in everything they do. Life is a journey, not a series of obstacles. The difference comes from the mindset. 20% is what is happening to us and 80% is how we look at it. Therefore, mindset is everything. The higher level of consciousness the better the results. As Lao Tzu said: "If you correct your mind, the rest of your life will fall into place."

Sofia, 12 Boris Arsov Str

+359 898 59 04 07


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