by Bozhidara Georgieva

The good architect and interior designer is able to find the balance between functional, aesthetic and individual

In the past year, for obvious reasons, we pay more attention to the spaces we inhabit, to how healthy they are and how they make us feel in them. It may be a new home, a complete transformation of an old one, or design of an office or a public space, but it is the same: today we are more sensitive towards what we want to achieve as an end result, to the ambience we want to create for ourselves and the others, to how it reflects on the environment. In short, in the 2020s good interior and good architecture mean much more than seeking pure functionality. They go beyond the strive to create a certain aesthetics. Contemporary interior design and architecture seek the balance between all components in the process and the technologies and concepts that allow the creation of a healthy space with reduced imprint on the environment, maximised care for the comfort of inhabitation, and aesthetics that reflects the zeitgeist and is simultaneously charged with the feel of timelessness.

The mindfulness of the modern client transforms into a search for the right professional who can meet the requirements of the particular project. Individual approach is the key word that proven professionals use when they describe their work. When you see their projects, you inevitably notice that it is not just a word, but a veritable philosophical concept to which each stage of design process is subordinated.

Three generations of talented architects are the engine of Architecture Studio Georgiev (Sofia, Lyulin 2, Gen Mihail Savov St, block 280, ent. В, at. 5, phones: +359 877 379 712, +359 876 379 712, Since its foundation in 1992 the studio has been a standard for top quality investment building, visionary approach towards current trends and contemporary materials, and interior design with sense for the detail and the individual, of history and nature. In each of its projects Architecture Studio Georgiev seeks the meeting point of function, responsible attitude towards the inhabitants and the environment, and the investor's desires. The studio is among the pioneers in Bulgaria in implementation of green technologies for passive construction, has authored innovative green projects and applies BMI, a cutting edge technology for complex 3D modelling. Architecture Studio Georgiev's emblematic combination of professionalism and strive to constant improvement inevitably leads to residential and public buildings, houses, residential compounds and interior solutions that exemplify contemporary architecture immune to the changes of time and fashionable trends.

Since its establishment in 2015, Parallax Studio (Sofia, 48 Gotse Delchev Blvd, phone:+359 887 80 33 87, has steadily offered to its clients projects that combine their desires with functionality and modern style. Under the management of its founder, architect Dimitar Smilkov, the studio works in the fields of investment development and interior design. Regardless of whether they are busy creating a luxury residential property, an elegant resort on the Adriatic, or the interior of a Sofia or London-based flat, Parallax Studio professionals follow their philosophy to combine economical, but quality solutions, current trends and classical design, the functional requirements and the client's individuality. To achieve impeccable results the studio is with the client at each step of the process – from preliminary research and initial design to furniture design and identification of subcontractors to author's supervision and realisation.

An interior in which light, materials and space exist in harmony, an interior that reflects the inhabitants' life and needs and has a character of its own: the projects of SOFT CASE Architecture, Interior Design & Brand Identity Studio (phone: +359 896 197 944, Instagram: softcase_studio, embody this idea. Purified from anything useless, dedicated completely to function, environment and inhabitants' experience, they stand out with their impeccable aesthetics, impressive vision and carefully selected and thought-over details, materials and colours. Comfortable yet not banal and memorable without being over the top, they are a synonym of contemporary interior design and brave artistic dialogue subjected to the idea of creating a unique space and experience.

SOBA ( is an architecture design company founded in 2017 by designers with more than 10 years of experience in architecture and design. SOBA's team is of ambitious and responsible people dedicated to seeking functional, practical and financially effective solutions who believe that architecture is a combination of many factors and prioritising one of them brings disbalance in the whole investment project. Their interests spread over design of residential, industrial and public buildings, and their interiors and exteriors. They achieve this with 3D models of the buildings and their auxiliary installations which allows the end result to be as close to the project phase as possible. The quality of SOBA design is already winning a well-deserved recognition not only from its satisfied clients, but also from colleagues. In 2020, SOBA's project Villa Rose was nominated in the category for single-family houses of the prestigious architecture competition ARCHI NOVA.

A stylish apartment, a children's room, a store with a clear concept and a limited budget, a luxury yacht – regardless of the particular task and its challenges, 7 ARTS interior design studio (phone: 0896 888 581, FB: 7 ARTS) creates solutions that impress with their harmonic combination of form and function. The spaces bearing the 7 ARTS brand are clearly defined and with their own character, they attract the gaze and charm the soul. The professionals at 7 ARTS do not spare their efforts, imagination and energy to achieve that. In each of their projects they unfailingly aim to understand the clients' individuality, they strive to be informed about the latest interior design trends and unflinchingly work on the set tasks. Because they know that a quality interior can be created only with the right combination of emotion, hard work, knowledge and talent.

How do you design a healthy space? For years, Architectural Bureau Helvetia (Sofia, 1 GM Dimitrov Blvd, phone: +359 2 960 3680, has created projects that answer this question. The bureau has enviable expertise in designing healthcare and pharmaceutics related buildings: from hospitals and pharmaceutical manufacturing to retail pharmacies. Helvetia projects have won several prestigious Building of the Year awards. The competencies of the bureau's team go beyond healthcare: single family houses and condominiums, public buildings, interior and furniture design. The bureau's professionals are actively involved in all stages of the architectural design process – research, conceptual design, schematic design, design development, interior design, furniture systems design, visual communication design, construction documentation, construction bidding, construction administration. For a holistic realisation of the planned concept Helvetia offers interior design services. The result are buildings and spaces that embody Helvetia's philosophy of architecture as an art created not only by architects, but also by the other parties involved in the process.

When the professionals at AGGA studio for architecture and interior design ( work on a project, the thought of how the building or the interior will fit in the most functional way in its environment is among their priorities. The studio applies this holistic approach in a wide spectrum of fields – from master planning to building and interior design. Regardless of the particular task, the professionals at AGGA Studio are a trustworthy and reliable consultant who offers the most effective way to the project's realisation. In their projects, the team of AGGA Studio unfailingly applies the most current technologies and systems with special attention to automatisation, energy efficiency systems, renewable energy sources, security systems. The studio's professionals are aware how important is constant communication with the clients for achieving good results and keeping the set deadlines. This is why everyone who has selected AGGA Studio for a partner can stay informed about the work process at any time. The results are design solutions where functionality, project costs and style are optimised to perfection.

The combination of visionary thinking, creativity and fluency in technologies is evident in the successfully realised projects of Kunchev Studio – single-family houses, residential and public interiors, residential compounds. Before realisation, each client and investor is concerned with how the finished building or interior will look like. The professionals at Kunchev Studio architecture bureau (Sofia, 10 Universitetska St, phone: +359 887 396 385,, FB: kunchevstudio, Instagram: kunchevstudio) pay special attention to the presentation of the solutions they offer. The studio for professional expertise in the field of architecture and interior design has elevated the capabilities of virtual visualisation technologies into an art form. The professionals at Kunchev Studio use the latest software and hardware to visualise their architecture projects at their earliest stage – virtual walks, animation, visualisations. This not only provides an opportunity for the client to "feel" the project before its realisation has even started, but also allows the architects to catch and remove possible imperfections as early as the design stage.

Adequate communication with clients is the most important step in the work of Night Fox Design architecture studio (phone: 0888 416 772, FB: Night Fox Design, Instagram:, Its portfolio of completed projects is a witness of how effective this approach is. Design of residential and public interiors, family houses and transformation of older buildings – each of these successfully finished tasks demonstrates the skill of Night Fox Design to identify the client and investor's most cherished desire, to create a project that reflects it and to follow its realisation until the last detail is in its place. The studio achieves this not only with ambition and creative vision, but also with solid knowledge of the current styles and trends, the furniture market and the suppliers of the best materials, the skill to fit within the set deadlines and to be demanding of the subcontractors' quality of work. As each client brings to the designer not only a different task to solve, but also different budgets and needs of professional help, Night Fox Design offers several packages for interior and architecture design services.

Creative approach, controlled style and impeccable functionality: the interiors designed by 3Arch Design (phone: +359 898 592 210, provide their inhabitants with a balanced experience where they feel tranquil and happy. 3Arch Design is staffed by a young and confident team with a rich experience in design of interiors and buildings in Bulgaria and abroad. Each 3Arch Design project embodies good contemporary architecture and interior design in its own way that fits the particularities of the space and the tastes of the inhabitants. The studio is aware how important for a project are the full concept idea, the professional organisation, the control of each process of its realisation. This is why 3Arch Design offers all services that your project might need: preliminary survey, architectural survey, conceptual plan layout, world-level of 3D photorealistic visualisation, detailed technical drawing and, of course, author's supervision.

Quality interior is impossible without quality, artistic accessories and home goods that bring in a feel of art in the everyday life and are charged with individuality and personalised approach.

The exquisite ceramic pieces of Baneff Atelier (, FB: Baneff, Instagram: not only provide the colour accents that each good interior needs. They make the life of the inhabitants more comfortable and beautiful, creating a colourful, delicate and charming connection between Bulgarian and Japanese pottery traditions and modernity. The pieces of Baneff Atelier are astonishingly light and fine, with delicately blending colours and impressive details of liquid gold after the traditional Japanese Raku technique. Each cup is handmade following strict technological requirements and combines the utilitarian and the aesthetic in a harmony which makes each sip of coffee or tea tastier. 


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