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Exceeding the patients' expectations and making them happy and satisfied: this is the ultimate goal of the professionals at Saliev Dental Care

Saliev Dental Care

Led by Dr Erhan Saliev, the multinational team of young but experienced and ambitious professionals is eager to help anyone who seeks the best dental care, regardless of their budget or nationality.

Saliev Dental Care provides the full range of modern dental services from emergency interventions and ongoing treatment to aesthetic restoration and implants by using the latest innovative treatment methods. 

Saliev Dental Care

Kids and even adults who are scared of the sound of the dental drill are not afraid to visit Saliev Dental Care, as the clinic uses an innovative solution for painless caries treatment: an enzyme gel with papaya. Saliev Dental Care also has an X-ray, anaesthesia equipment and a photo studio for digital smile modelling. The clinic works with high-quality products by licensed companies. It uses the best available dental impression materials and partners with laboratories that manufacture dental constructions on CAD/CAM machines for optimal precision. Soon, Saliev Dental Care will implement a technology for mouth cavity scanning, shortening the process further.

Its special intensive treatment protocol for patients with little spare time allows the performance of a range of procedures in 7-10 days after an individual plan. Combined with the multilingual staff, this makes Saliev Dental Care an excellent choice for anyone who wants to combine their trip to Bulgaria with top-quality dental care.

Saliev Dental Care

The team of Saliev Dental Care achieves this by constantly updating and improving their skills with attending specialised seminars, trainings and congresses.

These are just some of the reasons why Saliev Dental Care is one of the fastest growing dental practices in Sofia. Visit it and see for yourself.

How to have the smile of your dreams?

With dental facets, crowns or bonding, Dr Erhan Saliev and Dr Nikos Stamoulis know the best solution for your individual case

What is the best way to have a beautiful smile –with crowns or dental facets?

Dr Erhan Saliev: We always start our aesthetic protocol with the aim to improve the smile while considering the particular case. Some cases can be treated with facets only. We use the method when significant tooth filing is not required. However, when filing is needed, we revert to the good old crowns. This is the difference: crowns are more invasive than facets.

Dr Erhan Saliev

What materials do you use for crowns and which one is best?

ES: We always take into consideration the patient's expectations and financial means. If they have high requirements and they can afford it, we use materials that will meet these expectations: zirconium, zirconia ceramic, ceramic. However, the most expensive and the best material does not guarantee the best results. Sometimes we can achieve excellent results with metal ceramic crowns. As you can see in the photos, when we have done our work diligently, with the needed skills and expertise, when we have had enough time for the procedure and the patient was cooperative, the end result is flawless. Our goal is always to give the patient more than they expect.

Saliev Dental Care

How durable are facets?

ES: It depends on their exploitation. Facets are very thin structures, between 0.3 and 0.5 mm. They are extremely hard and look very good. However, patients with veneers should abstain from biting hard fruit or anything where the facet can get stuck and break. If facets are used in accordance with our recommendations and depending on the patient's age, they can go beyond 10 years. The patient's periodontal status is also a factor. With age, the gum can recede, revealing a part of the underlying tooth. Sometimes we are able to fix this with another material thus extending the facet's life. As a whole, it all depends on how the patient maintains their facets.

What is bonding?

Dr Nikos Stamoulis: Bonding is rehabilitation of dental tissue surface with composite material adhesion. It is an alternative to facets and crowns as it does not require so much filing and spares the tooth. Often, we do not even need to file the surface. The layer that we place on the tooth is very thin, about 0.1-0.2 mm, and does not increase the frontal teeth volume significantly, which is important for the aesthetics.

Dr Nikos Stamoulis

What should we know about bonding?

NS: Bonding is more sparing on the dental tissue than facets, and is much less expensive. It does not change its colour with time. If a veneer gets broken, the whole structure should be replaced. When bonding gets broken, we can easily add up the missing part in a couple of minutes. Bonding's lifespan is 3-5 years, but with proper maintenance and care it can extend to 10 years. In the past two and a half years in Saliev Dental Care we have made over 1,000 bondings. About 20 patients have returned with damaged bondings, mostly due to accidents. We even had a patient who fell down some stairs and broke some facial bones, but his bondings were intact.

Sofia, 31 Prof Atanas Ishirkov, Students Complex, floor 1

phone: 0877 676 779

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