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Daniel Atanasov, owner and manager, has created a beauty parlour where you feel like in a family

Daniel Atanasov, owner and manager of Nude Aesthetic

All high-class beauty parlours use high technologies, but few manage to create an ambiance where you feel as if you are in a family. Nude Aesthetic is such a place. We talked to Daniel Atanasov, owner and manager, to understand how he has created a beauty centre where we can not only say goodbye to cellulite and bring back our youth, but where we will also find friends.

How would you describe the ambiance at Nude Aesthetic? How do you stand out?

Nude Aesthetic is the materialised dream to make people feel better in their bodies! This is why we choose this name – we say "to lay bare" when we uncover our true self. But in order to do this, we have to feel calm, confident and supported, to be among people who we can trust. Nude Aesthetic is a family. And the ambiance – calm and elegant, yet professional, allows everyone to easily become a part of our big family. We stand out with our individual approach – we give a part of ourselves to each client!

Is it possible to part with permanent cellulite?

Yes, but it is not easy. The anti-cellulite procedures at Nude Aesthetic give effect in all clients, but some have better results. Why? On the one hand, many clients forget to drink 2 litres of water a day, and this is key for achieving good results. When we understood that this was happening, we found a fun way to remind our clients to drink water every day. It worked!

Of course, some clients make extra efforts to achieve better results – they eat healthily and are physically active. This is why when we publish the results achieved by our clients we always describe not only how many centimetres they have lost, but also what they did in addition to the procedures. This allows everyone to have a realistic idea of themselves and what they can achieve.

The anti-cellulite procedure itself is performed with the best radiofrequency technology available on the market. It literally does wonders – it drains the lymphatic system, reduces the cellulite and the measurements, and firms and improves the skin's texture!

What effect can we expect of the Aqua Peeling procedures?

Everyone wants to turn time back, to hide the wrinkles, the acne scars or the hyperpigmentation. With the Aqua Peeling procedure we, at Nude Aesthetic, solve these problems in depth.

First and foremost, the skin of the face should be kept clean and hydrated. This is in the foundation of each of our special therapies – gentle, in depth cleansing with water dermabrasion while at the same time we hydrate the skin and make it more elastic, gentle and glowing. The therapies combine several steps that reduce sebum production, eliminate the bacteria that cause acne, improve blood circulation, stimulate the new collagen synthesis, saturate the cells with oxygen and introduce the nourishing serums that we use deep under the skin. The results are fewer fine lines and wrinkles, removal of imperfections and, generally, a more healthily looking skin. All clients are also advised on how to improve their everyday facial skin routine to achieve the best results.

Sofia, 58 Madrid Blvd

phone: +359 899 899 744

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