by Bozhidara Georgieva

2020 forced us to see our home and office with fresh eyes, and to crave for their upgrade. Here is how to do this in the best way possible

Unexpected circumstances not only turn our lives inside out, but also make us see them with new eyes. In 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic forced us to stay at home for longer than usual, to move the office in the kitchen and the classroom in the living room. Consequently, it stimulated us to realise how important the space that we inhabit was.

This is why this year's current interior trends are not only about colour schemes and different styles. They go further to explore the basic understanding for what a well organised, healthy, comfortable and modern interior should look like.

More space and direct access of sunlight and fresh air; close and fast contact with nature; natural materials; antibacterial surfaces; designated areas for each member of the household with amenities for work and study at home; furniture and accessories that create the feel of cosiness, tranquility and relaxation – all these define the contemporary interior in 2021.

Earth tones understandably dominate the colour trends for the following year because of their soothing effect. Blue will also attract fans in 2021 with the feel of space its light tones bring and the luring depth of its dark nuances when in an accent piece. Light wood is a leading trend because of its visual peacefulness and its connection to nature. This is also the reason for the popularity of natural elements, such as beautifully weathered tree trunks or interestingly shaped stones used as artistic elements in contemporary interior.

It is hardly a surprise that 2020 was the year when minimalism's trendiness started to decline. Pushed by circumstances to stay at home, too many of us realised that they felt psychologically better when surrounded by a multitude of charming objects and textures and colours that inspire the feel of cosiness, rather than in minimalistic clean spaces in cold grey and white tones. This is also the reason for the triumphal return of styles rich in details, inspiration and cosiness, such as traditional, vintage, shabby chic, rustic. For its part the impossibility to travel to distant destinations, combined with the crave for discovery, caused an interest in interiors with exotic accents.

House plants are flourishing (pun intended) not only because of the freshness of their green hues, but also because for many urban residents they are the easiest way to get in touch with nature.

Trends often self-contradict and can confuse an inexperienced person who is only aware that they want a comfortable and cosy home or office. The safest way to achieve such a space is to seek help from an interior designer who has proven their professionalism through the years.

A good interior designer should be able to create new shapes and volumes and to select well colours and textures, Stoyan Pashov from the specialised studio Synergy Design (Sofia, 24A Simeonov­sko Shose Blvd, phone: 0889 72 72 31,,; FB: Synergy Design) not only believes in this principle, but also applies it in his practice. When he finishes working on a project, the most important reward for his work is the happy feeling for new life and the experience of a new dimension of beauty by his clients. This is where Stoyan Pashov finds a source of neverending inspiration.

How does an interior become a space that is not only modern and comfortable, but also commanding a style that is immune to the changes of time? Miglena Vladova has searched for the answer since 2008. The results are memorable private and public interiors that impress with their intelligent solutions, topicality, attention to details and the clients' individuality, and eternal style. The founder of PMP projects studio (phone: 0886 683 738, has significant experience in working with small and large interiors and customers, and her enthusiasm to look for the best creative solution is endless. For the best effect, the studio offers full services – from architecture measurement to preparation of design options and concept with photorealistic 3D visuals to planning the furniture, the floors, the ceilings and the lightning. The studio will also select for you offers by manufacturers and suppliers of materials, furniture, and equipment. When custom-made furniture or bespoke interior details are concerned PMP projects will design the projects to the tiniest detail.

The good interior designer works professionally no matter where in the world they reside, and the contact with different cultures inevitably enriches the palette of their solutions. Such a professional is interior architect Irina Konstantinova-Bontemps, the creator of the France-based Atelier GoodTime studio for interior design ( The sensitivity towards each client's individuality is leading in Irina's work and the solutions that she offers consider factors such as the customer's lifestyle, personal preferences and budget. The designer approaches each project she works on, be it residential, commercial or hotel interior, or furniture design, with a feel for the specificities of the particular space and its environment, for the details, the materials and the project's concept. The resulting interiors possess spirit, soul and impressive elegance.

Exclusive tastes and desires require the help of experts in creation of extraordinary interiors, such as the professionals at Buda's Interior & Design (Plovdiv, 35 Kuklensko Shose Blvd, phone: +359 884 288 018, The studio specialises in creation of interiors with furniture that embodies quality and luxury lifestyle. The portfolio of satisfied clients of Buda's Interior & Design includes the happy residents of elegant houses and apartments, and the owners of remarkable hotels, restaurants, offices and office buildings. The studio's exclusive offers are tailored for the particular project and the final result is simultaneously impressive and functional.

The year-long experience, combined with unfading aim to novelties, current trends and optimised solutions are among the qualities of good interior designers, like the professionals at Art Design studio (phones:+359 894 641 700, +359 885 853 350, The founder of Art Design, Stefan Botev, and young architect Zlatan Zlatev put first the client's requirements and needs, and create interiors with their own character from the idea to the materialisation. Art Design offers complete services for full architectural design, interior design of private and public spaces, luxury solutions, product design, reorganisation of indoor and outdoor spaces, realisation of interiors and exteriors designed by the studio, author's supervision. Art Design guarantees that the end result will be excellent – a proof for this are the many clients who trusted it. Among them are Pamporovo Resort, Albena Resort, Pierre Cardin, Apolon Group, Tempo Sport, Tempo Casual, Picadilli Bar & Diner in Ruse and JUKEBOX in Svishtov.

The job, passion and vocation of a good interior designer is to turn ideas into a reality. Standing on the border between the ideal of spotless concept and the need to solve purely practical problems, they design or rely on manufacturers of top-class furniture, accessories, coverings, paints, textiles, equipment.

Radop Contract ( presents on the Bulgarian market leading Italian manufacturers of home and office furniture. The company relies on a high level of professionalism and innovation that leads it towards the challenges of tomorrow. The firm's 25 years of history match the budding life of a next generation. Now Radop Contract is ready to take on the road of change with project development to explore the new links between the traditional model and the freer version of the habitat. The contractor's satisfaction and stability in a dynamic world are the two key themes that lead to the future. This is why Radop Contract has become a true "project partner," as today it is no longer enough to be just an excellent designer and executor, and irreplaceable supplier. The client should be accompanied at each stage of the service – from the project evaluation to the post-sale satisfaction.

Design, manufacture, transportation, assembly – the professionals at Pantadesign studio (Sofia, 104 Besarabia St, phone: +359 896 621 526, skilfully manage all stages of furniture creation in order to guarantee impeccable result from the idea to the realisation. Pantadesign offers complete solutions for interior design and furniture design and production for the home, the office, the public and the commercial space. When working on a project, the studio's professionals aim at achieving the golden mean between hipness, individuality and comfort. This is why they maintain an active, creative connection with the client throughout the design process. Browsing through the catalogue of finished Pantadesign projects is a true pleasure because of their intelligent attitude to textures and surfaces, the creative treatment of colours and the attention to details. Inhabiting a space created by the studio, for its part, is a materialised dream for anyone who values quality interior and comfort.

When it is of materials by the best manufacturers and is designed and made by proven professionals, MDF and chipboard furniture has endless possibilities for practical, comfortable and stylish interior. This also defines the work of Mebel BG (Sofia, 210 Lomsko Shose Blvd, phone: 0878 157 555, FB: Мебел-БГ). The talent of the Bulgarian company to offer always fresh interior projects for the home, the office and the public space is the result of years of experience, the skill to listen to the clients and the partnership with renowned manufacturers of materials in a wide range of colours. Wherever in Bulgaria are you located, Mebel BG professionals will visit you on the spot, will offer a project that matches in the best possible way the space and your desire and budget, and will produce and assemble it flawlessly and within the deadlines.

Even the best interior project will remain nothing more than a beautiful idea without comfortable, stylish and modern furniture to turn it into a reality. For more than 25 years, the Romanian manufacturer of upholstered furniture Mobiladalin ( has created remarkable collections of sofas, chairs, armchairs, mattresses and tables. They combine the aim to full comfort with the balance between the traditions of old Romanian furniture and the latest international trends. This is why each Mobiladalin product is a true masterpiece. The various combinations of colours, materials and styles allow us to furnish our home or office in our own, unique way. Mobiladalin's designers are aware how important touch is for the feel of comfort and pay special attention to upholstery. At the same time they take care to create furniture with long life and of impeccable quality. This is why it is hardly a surprise that Mobiladalin is among the leaders of Romanian manufacturers of upholstered furniture and has stores all over Europe. The company's furniture is also in Bulgaria, with official stores in Sofia, Burgas, Varna, Plovdiv and Ruse.

What materials to use for walls and floors covering? The question is far from insignificant, as our choice will influence not only the interior's aesthetics, but also the extent to which the space is healthy and comfortable for inhabitation, and is sparing the environment. Knowing excellently both contemporary requirements towards interior design and the different materials and their characteristics, the Greek company KOURASANIT (Sofia, 79-81 GS Rakovski St, offers innovative coatings, paints and hydrophobic mortars for walls and floors. The products of KOURASANIT are made of natural, artificial or recycled materials in a variety of colours and textures – from earth to mosaics to pebbles. They are a true discovery for everyone who is searching for modern style and individuality, contact with nature and eco-friendly solutions. With the products of KOURASANIT you will easily transform any interior into a unique space of harmony and aesthetics.

Stylish colours in surprising combinations; fine and impressive textures; amazing effects: the walls and floors solutions by SD Ceramica ( are the materialised dream of everyone who wants to inhabit a unique interior space. The company imports ceramics, large sized stoneware, marble, stone, decorative cement and concrete, and solutions for colours and textures by some of the best international manufacturers. Imagination is the only thing restricting you in use of SD Ceramica products. You are after a provocative interior solution for an accent wall or a reliable covering of large space? You crave the elegant luxury of lined marble? You aim to create the overall feel of splendour, rebelliousness, cosiness, or unbridled creativity? Open the SD Ceramica catalogue and you will find the answer to all of your questions.

Unique: this is the shortest and best description of the lamps and other home accessories of made of concrete by the Bulgarian brand BARAKATA (FB: Бараката). The bold solutions by brand creator Milena Dushanova reveal the endless variations provided by modelling concrete and industrial design. The lamps, cups, ashtrays and sculptures by BARAKATA are the living evidence that concrete is neither dull nor always grey. Each object by the brand has its own creative charge and signature, and brings individuality to the interior. Milena Dushanova's creations are not just interior accessories, but objects of art that inevitably attract the gaze, add soul to the space and impress the visitors.

The importance of good, undisturbed sleep cannot be underestimated for one's health and quality of life. For more than 20 years TED (, a Bulgarian company, has made this possible. The company develops innovative and durable mattresses, beds, sleep systems, and bed accessories with trademark quality and comfort. The TED products are ergonomic, fit a wide spectrum of individual preferences, and the use of natural materials is a priority. This is why for years TED has been the favourite brand of fans of excellent quality at reasonable prices.

The carpet can make or break an interior. When you opt for a Hemus creation (Velingrad, 8 Banska St, phone: 0887 932 240,, you can be absolutely sure that the first will happen. For 15 years now the Bulgarian manufacturer has zealously preserved and enthusiastically developed the forgotten tradition of handmade carpet-weaving. Under the hands of the skilled artisans appear marvellous carpets in traditional, Persian or European style of natural fine wool, cotton and dyes. Hemus carpets can be also custom-made, after the client's design, and their prices are more than reasonable for their end quality. This is why it is hardly a coincidence that many foreign embassies at Bulgaria partner with Hemus when they aim to create a classical, luxury, impressive ambiance in their residences.

Inhabiting an interior that fits best our desires, tastes and needs can be achieved with yet another easy and even pleasant step – by following the best professionals in the field. This strategy provides an endless source of inspiration, information about the latest novelties and help to find the studio, designer or manufacturer that would materialisе our ideas in the best possible way.

Dibla is the biggest online platform for interior and product design in Bulgaria. After years of experience in working with professionals and businesses in the design field, the team developed some of most popular events in the industry. DIBLA DESIGN AWARDS is undeniably the most important among them. The annual concourse gathers the elite of interior designers working on the domestic market. The best projects are highlighted and applauded by everyone interested in or related to interior design. The upcoming edition of the event will be recognized for its brand new concept – the award ceremony on 21 January 2021 will be live-streamed online on The expected huge audience will broaden the horizons for Dibla's current and future clients, partners, and friends. 


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