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"Tell me and I forget; teach me and I may remember; involve me and I learn!"

maple bear nurture curiosity

Maple Bear Global Schools is the fastest growing global educational chain of Canadian bilingual nurseries, kindergartens and schools. It is already in over 33 countries with more than 560 schools and kindergartens and over 46,000 students. Maple Bear is more than an educational brand. Maple Bear is a philosophy that unites innovation, care and profound approach towards education. Suzana Stepanova, Director Maple Bear Kindergarten Sofia, and Lilyana Nikolova, Director Maple Bear School Sofia, elaborate.

Why should we choose the Canadian educational system for our kids?

In the Canadian system education is a process that includes academic and practical content. It is based on principles of discovery, cooperation, experimenting and solving cases and problems. Education stimulates thinking and encourages children to explore and understand the world around, and immerses them in the fields of their individual interests and talents. The child as an individual is centre stage. As a part of Maple Bear Global Schools, we guarantee the highest quality of education aiming at developing and expanding children's abilities and skills during the first years of their lives, which are so crucial and fundamental later.

maple bear school kindergarten sofia bulgaria

What are the advantages of such an approach for children?

Our curriculum has been developed to achieve wholesome development of children – intellectual, social, linguistic, emotional and physical. The educational advantages are connected to the children's experience that education elevates them in their knowledge, skills, ability to communicate, and self esteem; that it helps them and develops their strongest sides. We have created a stress-free environment because we know that children need to hear "you can; I believe in you; let's try together; what do you think about this…".

maple bear school kindergarten sofia bulgaria

The other advantage is connected to mastering the English language, because children at Maple Bear are exposed to full language immersion, which allows them to master two languages without any anxiety or embarrassment. Children who study in two languages develop better memory and concentration, analytical skills and ability to multitask. They learn to read from an earlier age, have improved sense for self worth and identity, and study more easily other foreign languages later in life. 

maple bear school kindergarten sofia bulgaria

How do you select the teachers at Maple Bear Sofia?

Our teachers are professionals who share Maple Bear's values and philosophy: kindness, respect, empathy, motivation, creativity, patience, passion and trust in what we do. Our teachers undergo an initial training and have constant follow-up trainings with Maple Bear's Canadian team. At Maple Bear Canada, over 200 specialists adapt our curriculum on a yearly basis because education is a dynamic process. Twice a year we receive support and quality evaluation of our kindergarten and school curriculum by Canadian academic directors in Bulgaria.

maple bear school kindergarten sofia bulgaria

We believe and we know how important it is children to develop love for learning throughout their lives. This is why we, at Maple Bear, offer them a safe, protected, stimulating and positive environment where to grow confident and to dream bravely.

Kindergarten:, phone: 0889 635 547, FB: Maple Bear Sofia Vitosha

School, phone: 0899 820 466, FB: Maple Bear Sofia School

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