Maya Boneva – Mahama has created a haven for the mind, the soul and the body

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We, humans, are complex beings and many of the problems that we experience in life are the result of disbalance in our physical, emotional, neural and psychological well-being. To restore our inner peace and achieve our better selves we need the help of people able to provide equally complex, holistic care.

Mahama's Life School is the place that makes this possible. It unites the efforts, experience and wisdom of a team of professionals who offer a spectrum of practices and therapies that work both alone and in combination: life coaching, bioresonance, homeopathy, neuro-linguistic programming and neurographic. The experts also use advanced technology to achieve even better results with clients.

To learn more about this exceptional place, we talked to its founder, Maya Boneva – Mahama. She is certified life coach and neuro linguistic therapist with 20 years of experience. She is combining and mixing a bundle of the best modern strategies in the field of personal emotional and mental health and development such as coaching, mentoring, neurolinguistic and interventional strategy, family and couples coaching and holistic health. She is the founder of Mahama's Life School and Mahama's Method for holistic health. In 2016, Mahama and her team invented and offered a brand new strategy for overcoming phobias and fear using virtual reality.

Is there a particular moment in your life when you understood that being a life coach is your true vocation?

There were more than one single moment. Through the years I often had to make choices – coaching or the business I had started, coaching or my partner, my personal time or coaching... Coaching always won, hands down. My inner self is to be a life coach. However, it is more than talent and vocation. With time and practice I also learned a lot. A lot.

Being a life coach requires an extensive set of knowledge in all spheres of life and a deep understanding of human physiology, how people think and how do their emotions work. Some people are interested in biology, others are into art, yet others are attracted to sports or have hobbies... I have always been and will remain attracted by human beings and their individual mind-spirit-body design.

Why do Bulgarians need a place like Mahama's Life School?

With time I found out that in Bulgaria there is no system, a clear path and a healthcare protocol for patients whose problem is not strictly medically diagnosed. Even in cases of diagnosed patients, only their symptoms are treated while the underlying reasons of the problem are neglected. Your readers are aware that the discomfort that we feel is directly connected to our feelings, our way of thinking and our behavioural models. Few people, however, are aware how to change this, how to balance the different factors in their lives, how to overcome the difficulties and even what type of professional to seek help from.

Never forget that you are a holistic human being and as such your health and wellbeing is always a combination of a healthy body, well understood mind, and healthy connected emotions.

Maya Boneva – Mahama

This is why we created the Centre – a place for full diagnosis of the body, the mind and the behaviour, the emotional condition. Here holistic approach is in the foundation of everything. We always consider who is actually the person we are going to work with, what are their capabilities, what do they want, what blocks them and what techniques would work for them so that they can live in harmony, success and happiness. Here, I am closing the question cycle with "What is going on with me, what specialist do I need and where to find help?" and all the relevant professionals at Mahama's Life School who can make this plan become a reality. We also provide a supportive social environment where the whole process can take place in a tranquil and resource-based environment.

You are the author of your own method, the Mahama Method. What is it?

The Mahama Method is an author's approach towards coaching. A combination of the best techniques in neurolinguistics, positive, behavioural and exposition therapy and coaching. It also includes energy therapy, techniques for achieving emotional freedom and psychosomatics, homeopathy, Bach flower therapy and bioresonance diagnostics. We think that the Method closes the circle of mind-spirit-body by approaching all problems holistically to achieve the best possible result.

You say that it can help us achieve our new I. Through what stages are we going to pass in this process?

First, you will have to meet yourself as you are – with your real qualities, flaws and problems. We will achieve this through a series of tests, diagnosis of your physical condition, analysis of your emotional state and your model of thinking.

Then we will pay attention to who you WANT to be and what stops you from being that person. We will set goals, and will create a vision for each segment of your life. We will make a plan on how to realise the goals and how to deal with the blockages and obstacles that stop you on your road to your better self.

Only then you will start truly working on yourself. You will have practical exercises, weekly sessions with our specialists and even homework. We will measure your progress and results on regular intervals. In the end, we will celebrate with you.

On what principle did you select the techniques and therapies used in Mahama's Life School?

On the principle of best effectiveness, endurance of the results and wide application. Through the years I have experimented with a very wide scope of methods and techniques. Many of them were of no use for me, but for now, my selection has never failed me.

This year, we decided to add another exceptional strategy to our portfolio of therapies – Interventional Strategy. It can achieve transformation with incredible ease and speed. The client flies through it easily, although it requires a high level of competence from the therapist.

What is exactly the quantum bioresonance feedback that you offer at Mahama's Life School?

Quantum bioresonance, as its name shows, works on the principle of bioresonance – each cell, organ, emotion and vitamin vibrate at a certain frequency. Science measures the range of vibration within which it is believed that the organs and cells are healthy and function properly. We transmit this frequency to your body through a very low voltage electricity current. Your body responds and we use this data to analyse the results.

We work with two bioresonance devices. The first one is a NASA development and has over 16,000 frequencies, meaning that it can diagnose 16,000 things in your body. Besides your physical condition, the device also detects your emotional background and can show us all neurotransmitters and your brain's biochemistry. It is completely noninvasive.

The second device is heavily medically oriented. The patient has to fill a questionnaire, then the device seeks problems specific for your complaints.

Both technologies not only detect the problem, but also fix it as a part of the therapy session. Clients should be aware that the effect of bioresonance fixing is temporary – after a couple of days the body will return to its previous condition as it is used to it. You need at least eight sessions until we teach your cells to vibrate at a healthy frequency.

This therapy is the lazy way to achieve results. The one that is more efficient and provides durable results requires the client to undergo the complete transformation programme – to get rid of the underlying reasons and to make a new model of thinking and habits that do not allow repeating stressful and traumatising situations.

Which are the most common problems for which people seek help at Mahama's Life School?

Sadly, most often they seek us at very late stages, after they have had therapy elsewhere without results or have reached their limits, or have conditions that cannot be diagnosed or are diagnosed as psycho emotional, or just have experienced one of the life's normal circumstances – divorce, stress, inability to understand why they feel bad, problems in the couple, troubles in communication, starting a new business. In short – everything that can happen in one's life and that one is unable to overcome on their own.

However, there are many clients who are aware that coaching is for healthy people and who just want more from life. People who want to grow and evolve. I love all of my clients but I love this type of client the most. With them, we become one team – a coach and a champion. Each of us gives the best of ourselves and the results are impressive. It is hard to not love them when they reach the finish line.

How did you select your team? Can you give a brief presentation of the people in Mahama's Life School?

I built my team through the years in a way to cover all fields in the holistic approach of the Centre. Each of us have different qualifications, approach and character that fit perfectly within the Mahama's Method jigsaw puzzle.

Petya Yonkova is a psychologist, Bach therapist and classical homeopath. I have seen her deal with all types of conditions, both health and psycho emotional ones. She is also our family homeopath who has taken care of me and my relatives for six years now. The clients who have trusted her call her a sorceress.

Vili Vlahova is our quantum feedback therapist. She is the most closely examined professional at Mahama's Life School. Before trusting her, our clients check their results in a medical laboratory and we encourage them to do so. After that, Vili becomes their and their families' favourite therapist.

Lali Pavlova is our aesthetic coach and neurographist. Although unknown in Bulgaria, Lali's technique is a sharp tool in solving emotional conditions, deciphering complex processes and channelling energy streams. I personally work with Lali and I want everyone who can benefit from her technique to feel the effect.

Angelina Velikova is a life coach working with Mahama's Method. She is the person who will make and analyse your test results and will directly participate in the whole process of your growth.

Gabriela Pachemanova is the centre of our school. She takes care that everything is organised, put in order and in the timetable, explained to and understood by everyone.

Women dominate at Mahama's Life School. Is there something that makes women better in this field?

Yes. Women are by nature intuitive, have the innate desire and ability to understand the other. Care and empathy are feminine traits. For men, as logical creatures, it is harder to have a grasp of coaching's concepts.

What is the most important thing that you have learned as a woman and professional since you became a life coach?

That very often what you know and have read would be of no use in your practice. If you want to be a complete woman and professional, mother, friend, and human, you need to learn to hear and follow your inner calling.

Is there something that each of us should know to live in happiness and inner harmony? Or there is no universal answer and everyone has to find their own individual solution?

There is a common rule – hygiene! Hygiene of the health, hygiene of the thinking, hygiene of the talking and hygiene of the actions. However, just like everyone has different skin with its own particular needs and specificities, the need for hygiene is also individual. Three important questions should be answered here: Who am I? What makes me happy? What should I learn in order to answer the first two questions?

Sofia, 1 Banat St, office 1

+359 884 639393


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