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When you don't know in which direction should your organisation or career head, search for a professional coach

Regardless of the size of a business, the leaders and managers in it meet serious challenges almost at a daily basis. The character of these difficulties differ, but overcoming them inevitably brings the satisfaction of achieved results and success.

Sometimes, however, every leader and business face a problem which is hard to be solved without outside intervention. In such cases the best solution is to seek help from a professional coach.

The service has been known for years, but for many the line between a consultant, a mentor and a coach is still blurred. In reality these are three different groups of professionals. A consultant is someone with experience in a given field (from law and finance to management and HR to molecular biology) who can share professional advice and opinion. The consultant focuses not on the performance of a particular person in the company, but on the whole process.

The mentor is, too, a professional in a given field, but they built a connection with the particular leader or employee who is seeking their help. They concentrate only on that person. The connection between a mentor and a mentee often goes beyond formal relations and lasts for a long period, with meetings often not strictly scheduled. The focus is on the career and the development of the mentee.

When working with a coach, the professional connection is more structured in time, and the work is focused on particular fields or problems. Unless the coach is specialised in a certain field, they doesn't need to be a specialist in the field in which they offer their services. The focus of their work is to achieve development and the accomplishment of particular goals. Coaching service can be provided nдt only by a single person, but also by a team of professionals. Their work includes subtleties that are invisible for the untrained eye.

An experienced leader already has the knowledge and abilities that are essential to dealing with an existing problem. The coach’s role is not to impose their opinion, but to help the leader see that problem from a different point of view, learn from their mistakes, and recognise the potential for development, ultimately finding the best solution for that problem.

Becoming a competent coach is no mean feat, but the professionals at Talent Link Bulgaria (Sofia, 11 Panorama Sofia St, ent. B, apartment B305, phone: +359 884 750 196,, LinkedIn: jennygeorgieva, have proven their effectiveness throughout the years. Jenny Georgieva follows the International Coach Federation’s (ICF) understanding of coaching being simultaneously a partnership and a process, that provokes deliberation and creativity and inspires the client to grow their personal and professional potential. This approach works effectively both with individuals and teams. It delivers excellent results for a leader’s development within a company, as well as for mid-career professionals who are unsure about how they should continue growing. Talent Link Bulgaria also offers organisational consulting, HR management programmes, assessment centres, career coaching, business meetings and groups facilitation, soft skills trainings.

Working with the right business coach is exceptionally important for the successful result. How to find such person? The consultant is often chosen on the basis of their authority or information shared from mouth to mouth by people who have already partnered with them. The mentee usually selects their mentor on the basis of already existing authority.

With coaches, however, you should do your homework. You should check if the coach is certified. Look for someone with experience, who is able to grasp the problem in its entirety. Clarify for yourself what problems you want solved and as soon as the first meeting ask what results are you going to achieve with this particular coach. The personality of this professional is also of importance and can influence the final result. That is why you have to aim at working with someone you can establish a good personal relationship with, who will stimulate you to achieve your goals and will help with pleasure.

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