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Cvetanka Frateva, CEO, on the innovative concept of e-fleet based logistics


Saving the planet while also making profit is everything that forward thinking businesses strive for. GreenPoint helps them to achieve this. The innovative delivery and logistics company uses exclusively e-vans, charges its fleet from its own roof solar system and is building its own network of e-charging stations that is already making nature-friendly transportation a reality. Cvetanka Frateva, founder and CEO, elaborates.

Logistics and modern technologies – the two fields intersect at more than one point, but consumers are oblivious. Can you tell us more on how high technologies boost logistics' effectiveness?

An excellent observation. When consumers are happy, they do not analyse how the service was organised. And they are happy precisely because of the elaborate technologies implemented by all established logistics companies in their supply chains. We are happy and proud to share that Bulgarian logistic and delivery companies are among the most advanced and forward thinking in Europe and beyond. Consumers should know that behind the quick and accurate deliveries is an army of professionals who have harnessed processes and technologies like robotised and automated warehouses organised and managed in the most effective way, cross-docking platforms and equipped loading platforms, assembly lines for pallets and small packages. Modern logistic bases are designed intelligently and with care for the environment and the use of renewable sources. At the end of the whole supply chain are the deliveries in the last miles where the increasingly high-tech vehicles are driven by polite, intelligent and responsible professionals who demonstrate what true quality of service is and how important human interaction and respect are. Modern technologies would be nothing without the quality of the service provided by humans.

Why do clients need GreenPoint?

As the last link in the modern supply chain, GreenPoint improves the experience with high-tech e-vans that guarantee clean air and quiet in city deliveries. We provide a harmonious blend between business and care for the urban environment, combined with service on a completely new level of quality. GreenPoint empowers clients to become an active part in the better tomorrow that we want to leave to our children. The natural decision is to choose a service that preserves the environment, makes us breathe more easily (literally and figuratively) and makes us satisfied with our actions and choices.

What are the other advantages, besides the lower carbon footprint?

Clients can easily, quickly and without effort help for having cleaner air in the cities. This is the direct gain, the lower carbon footprint is a secondary result. Each business benefits from lower expenses and predictability, and GreenPoint's transportation services provide both. Our photovoltaic park makes us independent from the fluctuations of the energy market and guarantees that our clients will enjoy long-term stable prices. We use the saved energy directly, for fast charge and when we need it even when the weather is not good. This makes it easier to calculate prime costs and to predict expenses. By using our e-vans the businesses can guarantee access to the cities irregardless of current and future green regulations. These are crucial advantages that bring security and calm in Bulgaria's turbulent political and economic environment.

Why did you decide to build a network of e-charging stations as well?

Again, in order to be independent from other suppliers and to secure ourselves charging stations where we need them. In our business model, they are located at the premises of our partnering logistic companies. There, we receive work and have stationed our e-vans. Our drivers start work from our partnering GreenPoints to save time, batteries and empty courses in order to optimise the deliveries and to lower our emissions.

What are your plans for GreenPoint for the next 5 years?

First, to prove that green business without compromises is possible in Bulgaria. That we can overcome the hurdles with the electricity network and its overloading by e-vehicles by just creating a circular ecosystem. To prove that we can excel and that green transportation is reliable when, as any business, it is well planned, organised and managed. To be stable and trusted partners to all logistic companies that extended a hand, and to all of their clients. Importantly, we already have a major partner – a global furniture manufacturer. Together we will show an example of business and people coexisting sustainably and naturally, in harmony with nature!

We continue to spread our business model with each new partner. We are developing solar shades as an alternative to roof-based photovoltaic systems, which absorb each sun ray for us to save it and to turn it into energy for ours or our partners' e-vehicles. We have already connected the large industrial cities where we have stationed e-vans in the nodes of a network that will allow green deliveries within it. This will allow us to calmly wait the arrival of e-trucks and to invest in them when the mileage, payload and charging speed are in the right proportion.

We definitely are thinking about closing the circle in the full meaning of the circular economy principles – by using the batteries' free capacity and recycling them. We have a lot of work to do, but our efforts are worth it because we know that by doing business we and our clients directly reduce their carbon footprint.

What is the feeling of being a lady in a field considered more of a male domain?

My entire professional life was in such a field, in commercial and production logistics and in processes' management and organisation in purely male teams in manufacturing, storage, sales, transferring of manufacturing activities. I am satisfied by the fact that I have proven fit for these roles and that the teams themselves have awarded me with their trust, understanding, following and support.

I know that when someone works in a team and for the others, when she is open and honest, even male teams will value her and her output. I see that my colleagues in the logistics and delivery industry recognise this. I am proud of our partnerships with established and visionary freight and logistic companies. I truly appreciate this and I hope that we will justify it with our work, day after day!

Sofia, 7 Efrem Karanfilov Str.

phone: +359 (0)8828 08828

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