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Antigonos Maltezos, Product Manager, on the constant research to create solutions that meet the market’s needs

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Antigonos Maltezos, Product Manager at ETEM

Facades, sun protection solutions, window frames, doors - when a building is "equipped" with ETEM systems its inhabitants enjoy comfort, safety, and functionality. With over five decades of experience in designing and manufacturing high-quality architectural aluminum systems, ETEM has established itself as a global leader in the industry. Through constant innovation, ETEM's solutions enable the construction of buildings and interiors that blend practicality and style, while also anticipating future trends. ЕТЕМ's systems also impress with their high energy efficiency, and the company's architectural solutions are certified according to significant international standards for environmentally friendly buildings.

We talked to Antigonos Maltezos, Product Manager at ETEM, to learn more.

Your professional career so far has been connected to aluminum systems. Why is this material so important for the modern economy, construction, and technology?

Even a 20-year career in the Aluminum Systems field is not enough to list and frame the significance of aluminium as a material for the architectural sector! I will not exaggerate if I say that, for me, aluminum is synonymous with ETEM. The company is an industry leader in aluminium extrusion, with over 50 years of experience and a global presence. From the beginning until today, our purpose is to generate added-value products and turn the raw material into sustainable products.

Durability is THE pillar for the construction sector. Aluminium is considerably more resistant to the outside elements than other frames, making it less likely to warp, dent or rot. As a result, the most challenging projects and high-rise buildings have been constructed entirely with aluminium solutions. In the last decades, the gained efficiency and expertise under these demanding projects have been incorporated into the residential sector, making the benefits of the Aluminium Systems achievable to residential buildings. Benefits such as functionality, energy efficiency, security, thermal and sound insulation, and excellent durability are awarded to house owners, providing the final users with added-value products.

Why do the investors and architects prefer ETEM products?

Because they know! Because our 50 years of expertise and experience in reshaping buildings and designing solutions guarantee a successful outcome, ETEM, via a large list of demanding and emblematic projects globally, can provide successful solutions in any demanding environment.

Because our partners know that considering innovation as a daily routine, ETEM can support numberless demanding designs and aspects, providing freedom to architectural creations. There is nothing like the materializing process of designing inspiration; our team shares this passion with them.

Because our partners know that our provided support is there in any project phase. Our experienced teams provide designing, technical engineering, commercial and marketing, administration, and after-sales support in any development stage.

Because our partners know that choosing ETEM is not only a matter of selecting a system provider but establishing a successful partnership. We build long-term relationships with the professionals and are by their side throughout the life cycle of a project.

Which current ETEM systems make you proudest and why?

Choosing between aluminium systems, of which development I was honored to be part, isn't easy. Each design project I have been enrolled in gives me emotions due to the successes and the actions to be retained, the designing miss and the actions to be overcome before launching, and the constant research to create solutions that meet the market’s needs.

Epigrammatically I could distinguish:

  • For opening systems, the ETEM’s E75 due to high-end structural and energy conservation performance plus the full range of solutions and types;

  • For sliding systems, the ETEM’s ES70, due to its modern and efficient design, is parallel to the frameless structural glazing option;

  • For facade systems, the ETEM’s E99 unitized system due to efficiency and the provided pre-fabricated ability.

Though, what makes me proud is the wide range of solutions ETEM can provide. The ability to offer, adapt already solutions, or develop from scratch solutions to any single (standard or custom) requirement is the parameter that thrills me the most.

And this is only the start…

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