text and photography by Anthony Georgieff

A Facebook campaign has garnered over 1,100* supporters, expat and Bulgarian, to reintroduce the BBC World Service on FM

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Being what it is at the moment, Bulgaria is one of the few European countries outside Russia where there are no BBC World Service FM broadcasts. The reasons are many and complex but they boil down to the Bulgarian Electronic Media Council, the watchdog supposed to supervise how Bulgarian radio and TV stations adhere to their licences, rejecting the Beeb's permission to broadcast on FM in the Sofia area. The arguments may have been different, but the fact is that Bulgaria followed Russia in banning the World Service from its airwaves.

However, hundreds of expats and Bulgarians who have little knowledge of the inner workings of Bulgarian bureaucracy feel that their legitimate right to English language information has been infringed. Whether you like or dislike the BBC's editorial content, they argue, you are in an EU country where information of the BBC kind must be freely available.

Many Bulgarians also want the BBC back because in its broadcast they found a source of news unparalleled in its objectivity and accurateness. Some add that the BBC World Service was also being used as a freely available TEFL method: what better way to brush up your English than listen to the kind of language being used on the Beeb?

So, Vagabond started the Facebook cause on

In less than a month, the number of people who joined us in their support of reinstalling the BBC on FM in Sofia soared to over 1,100. As these are both expats and Bulgarians of very varied political and cultural inclinations, background, profession and interest, we thought that we have a legitimate cause to contact the responsible government bodies and urge them to restart the BBC World Service in the Sofia area.

Martin Zaimov, a prominent banker and now deputy chairman of the Sofia City Council, initiated a letter addressed to the Bulgarian Electronic Media Council and the BBC, and copied to the offices of the British and Bulgarian prime ministers and the FCO in London, which will be dispatched shortly.

You, as readers of Vagabond and prospective listeners of the BBC World Service FM in the Sofia area, can continue to voice your support either by emailing us on or by joining (and asking your friends to join) the Facebook cause.

Miss your BBC World Service news? It is not too late to get it back on FM in the Sofia area. Join us on



We are writing to urge you to reverse a recent decision by the Bulgarian Electronic Media Council to take the BBC World Service off the air on FM frequency in Bulgaria.

To justify its decision, the Bulgarian Electronic Media Council, the watchdog body in media regulation, cited the BBC World Service's failure to include Bulgarian language broadcasting on its FM frequency. This in turn had been preconditioned by the BBC's earlier decision to discontinue its Bulgarian Section.

However, we feel that the reason cited by the Electronic Media Council in Bulgaria is but formal. The Electronic Media Council never mentioned anything about serving the public interest in Bulgaria, and we think that with its editorial mix of unbiased information, quality education and intelligent entertainment the BBC does serve the Bulgarian public interest a lot better than many domestic electronic media.

Another important reason for bringing the BBC back to Bulgaria is the increasing number of foreigners settling for business or pleasure in Bulgaria, a fact that has been the direct consequence of Bulgaria's accession to the EU and NATO.

Last but not least, the BBC has been used by many Bulgarians who wish to improve their English language proficiency. In the EU country with the least spread knowledge of foreign languages we feel that a free source of high quality news and entertainment in English can certainly be considered to be in the interest of the general public.

We herewith urge you to use your bona officia to bring the BBC World Service back on FM in Bulgaria because otherwise Bulgaria will continue to be the only EU country that effectively enforces an air ban on what we consider to be probably the best source of information in the world.


Alexander Kashumov, legal counsel to the Access to Information Programme;
Anthony Georgieff, publisher, Vagabond, Bulgaria's English Monthly;
Bryan Turner (USA), property sales & marketing director of LS Properties;
Christopher Buxton (UK), teacher;
Diana Mishkova, associate professor of history, director of the Center for Advanced Studies Sofia;
Elizabeth Kostova (USA), writer;
Georgi Lozanov, philosopher and media expert;
Gergana Jouleva, founder and executive director of Access to Information Programme;
Gerry Kelly (USA), director of education and development, Osteocenter Bulgaria;
Ivan Krastev, chairman of the Center for Liberal Strategies;
Ivaylo Ditchev, professor of cultural anthropology;
Jerry Furminger (UK), environmentalist;
Jim Reynolds (Ireland), director of Odessa Property;
John Stancioff, former ambassador to the Court of St. James's;
Julian Popov, writer and chairman of the Bulgarian School of Politics;
Krassen Stanchev, philosopher and economist, chairman of the Institute for Market Economics;
Lincoln Frager (USA), manager of the Cedar Foundation;
Lubo Kanov, writer and psychiatrist;
Matthew Dobrosevic (USA), country manager of DobroSoft Ltd;
Martin Zaimov, deputy chairman of the Sofia City Council;
Neri Terzieva, publicist;
Pavel Ezekiev, investment professional;
Petar Stoyanov, former president of Bulgaria;
Philip Dimitrov, university professor and former prime minister;
Philip Popoff, artist;
Stefan Tafrov, former ambassador to the Court of St. James's;
Stoyan Joulev, former ambassador to the United States and former minister;
Tania Brisby, entrepreneur;
Vassil Chobanov, publicist;
Victor Joulev, entrepreneur

Supporters of the Bring Back the Beeb to Sofia on FM Facebook Cause*

*The list is current as of 5pm on 20 March 2009, when Vagabond, Bulgaria's English Monthly, went to press.
All names appear the way they were spelled on Facebook, in alphabetical order by first name.

Adam; Adela Ivaylova Tsonkovska; Adelina Iliev; Adrian Milenkov; Adriana Tocheva; Albena Ivailova; Albena Pino; Albena Stambolova; Aleko Chamurkov; Aleko Djankov; Aleko Kalev; Aleksandar Djadjarov; Aleksandar Krumov; Aleksander Botev; Aleksandra Temelkova; Alex Bratkov; Alex Doichinov; Alex Kotsev; Alex Zvezdev; Alexander Alexov; Alexander Dimitrov; Alexander Liubenov Ninkov; Alexander Lukanov; Alexander Slavchev; Alexander Slavov; Alexander Stoyanov; Alexander Valentinov Stoichkov; Alexander Varov; Alexandra; Alexandra Dimitrova; Alexandra Kirova; Alexandra Krusteva; Alexandra Markarian; Alexis Kolarov; Alexis Macheene; Alf Eastergard; Alice Travers; Amelia Constantin; Amelia Constantin; Ana Babaykova; Ana Ivanova; Ana Mineva; Ana Stoyanova-Popova; Ana Velkova; Anabela Vasileva; Anamarija Ramac; Anastasia Alpaticova; Anastasia Tsolova; Anatoli Asenov Mirkov; Anatoli Kraev; Andrea Grattan; Andrei Balkanski; Andrew Sowray; Andrey Aleksandrov; Andrey Andreev; Andrey Ivanov; Andrey Stoychev; Andrey Velchev; Andrey Vladov; Anelia Ivanova; Anelia Jetcheva; Anelia Milusheva; Aneliya Taneva; Aneta Mihaylova; Angel Angelov; Angel Dzhambazki ; Angel Gondov; Angel Ivanov; Angel Kolev; Angel Stamov Angelov; Angel Velinov; Angela Davies; Angela Rodel; Angelina Genova; Ani Adamova ; Ani Itcheva; Ani Ivanova; Ani Mikaelian; Ani Plachkova; Ani Stamenova; Ani Tsoneva; Ani Zheleva; Anita Simova; Anna Borisova; Anna Dimitrova; Anna Dimitrova Krasimirova; Anna Georgieva; Anna Grancharova; Anna Hadjimisheva; Anna Krusteva; Anna Ovcharova; Anna Todorova; Anna Toneva; Anna Tosheva; Anna Yaneva; Anne Griffin; Anne Marie Barrand; Annie Vladimirova; Ant Grig; Anthony Georgieff; Anthony Rachev Rachev; Antoaneta Dimitrova Tsoneva; Antoaneta Nymphetkata Yordanova; Anton Iliev; Anton Lukov; Anton Staykov; Anton Todorov; Anton Tonchev; Antonia Bobeva; Antonia Smokova; Antoniya Koleva; Aranka Dimova; Arseni Botusharov; Artem Lyssenko; Asen Burov; Asen Ivanov; Asen Todorov; Ashod Derandonyan; Assen Kanev; Assia Assia; Assya Stravolemova; Asya Dimitrova; Atanas Georgiev; Atanas Karaguiozov; Atanas Metsov; Atanas Tachev; Ben MacDougall; Beverley Walker; Biliana; Bill Eliasson; Bilyana Dimitrova Dimitrova; Bilyana Gyaurova-Wegertseder; Bilyana Karamfilova; Binka Peeva; Bisera Andreeva; Bissera; Bistra Beatrix Volgyi Dahdouh; Bistra Gonina; Bistra Karadimova; Blagovesta Geliazkova; Bobby Dimchev; Bogdan Ivanov; Bogdan Shopov; Bogdana Trifonova; Boian Karadjov; Bonnie Boryana; Boriana; Boris Dimitrov; Boris Dimitrov; Boris Dimov; Boris Jordanov; Boris Pankin; Boris Rokanov; Boris Stoyanov; Borislav Ananiev; Borislav Dimitrov; Borislav Dyakov; Borislav Gueorguiev; Borislav Milev; Borislav Penchev; Borislav Petrov; Borislav Sandov; Borislava Georgieva; Borislava Hristova; Borislava Nedelcheva; Borislava Petkova; Borqna Smilkova; Boryana Bekirska; Boryana Georgieva; Boryana Ivanova; Boryana Miteva; Boryana Netsova; Boryana Yankova; Boya Barnes; Boyan Semerdzhiev; Boyan Yordanov; Boyko Grigorov; Boyko Mihaylov; Bozhidar Tomov; Branimir Nikolov; Branimira Ivanova; Brendan Quinn; Bruk Davis; Bubeto Dimitrova; Carl Fredrik Gildea; Carlos Arellano; Casey Angelova; Cathy Bissmire; Ceco Trankov; Cedar Bulgaria; Chavdar Chenkov; Chavdar Mazgalov; Chavdar Shekerdjiisky; Chris; Chris Samuraq; Christian Enchev; Christian Nochev; Christina; Christina Popivanova; Christine Gantcheva; Christine Milner; Christine Silverwood; Christo Christov; Christo Petrov; Clayton Petty; Cornelia Miteva; Cveta Cvetkova; Cvetan Dunchev; Cvetana Decheva; Cvetelina Doseva; Cvetelina Draganova; Cveti Mineva; Cvetomira Cankova; Cvetommir Gutinov; Daiana Nikolova; Danail Kanchev; Dani Petkova; Daniel Lyubomirov Dechev; Daniel Palmirov; Daniel Petrov; Daniel Stefanov; Daniela Filipova; Daniela Gale Tafradjeeska; Daniela Marinova; Daniela Petrova; Daniela Tosheva; Danika Koleva; Darah Oreshkova; Daria Evtimova; Darina Ch. Kadunkova; Darina Ivanova; Darina Megdanska; Darron Share; Datcho Datchev; David Robert Evans; Dean Mihailoff; Delfina San Roman; Delian Delchev; Deliana Kostadinova; Delqn Dimitrov; Delyana Atanasova; Deni Po; Denitsa Angelova Ilieva; Denitsa Baramova; Denitsa Georgieva; Denitsa Sacheva; Denitza Ivelinova Stefanova; Denko Kraev; Dennis Sabinov Isaev; Dennitsa Doycheva; Desi; Desi Angelova; Desi Grueva; Desi Popov; Desimir Jordanov; Desislava; Desislava Aleksieva; Desislava Atanasova Atanasova; Desislava Betova; Desislava Chobanova; Desislava Chobanova; Desislava Demireva; Desislava Hadzhieva; Desislava Ivanova; Desislava Ivanova; Desislava Kostadinova; Desislava Mineva; Desislava Moneva; Desislava Rizova; Desislava Stoyanova; Desislava Todorova; Desislava Tsekova; Desislava Vangelova; Dessi Stoilova; Dessislava Angelova; Dessislava Pavlova; Dessislava Slavova; Dessislava Stefanova; Deyan Kanev; Deyan Nikolov; Deyan Varbanov; Deyan Vurbanov; Deyana; Diana Kopeva; Diana Tsvetkova; Diana Zapryanova; Dilian; Dilian Kolev; Diliana Stamatova; Dimana Trankova; Dimitar Dachev; Dimitar Dimitrov; Dimitar Galabov; Dimitar Krastev; Dimitar Naydenov; Dimitar Radev ; Dimitar Sotirov; Dimitar Spasov; Dimitar Tashev; Dimitar Todorov; Dimitar Trendafilov; Dimitar Varbanov; Dimiter Dinev; Dimiter Kraev; Dimiter Mandradjiev; Dimiter Terziev; Dimiter Todorov; Dimitrina Kashamova; Dimitrina Kashamova; Dimka Gocheva; Directno Net; Diyan Gochev; Dolly Nikolova; Doncho Gluharov; Donka Bilyarska; Donka Doycheva; Dono Tsvetkov; Dora Tsvetanova; Dorte Andersen; Edward Hasker; Edward Hasker; Efrosina Peneva; Ekaterina Ancheva; Ekaterina Aneva; Ekaterina Grigorova; Ekaterina Hristova; Ekaterina Miteva; Ekaterina Todorova Atanasova; Ekaterina Yoncheva; El Bulgaro del Avion; Elena Atanassova; Elena Atanassova; Elena Chtereva; Elena Demireva; Elena Dimitrova; Elena Doychinova; Elena Encheva; Elena Georgieva; Elena Krasteva; Elena Krusteva; Elena Markova; Elena Mihaylova Kuyumdjian; Elena Naumova; Elena Nikolchova; Elena Nikolova; Elena Shtereva Georgieva; Elena Stancheva; Elena Triffonova; Elica Atanasova; Elina Racholova; Elitca Arnaudova; Elitsa Georgieva; Elitsa Hristova; Elitza Angelova; Eliza Konstantinova; Eliza Konstantinova; Elizabeth Gogova; Elizabeth Radkova; Elya Bozhinoff; Emil A. Georgiev; Emil Gyorev; Emil Koshlukov; Emil Manliev; Emil Maslarski; Emil Minkov ; Emil Pavlov; Emil Robert Cohen; Emil Simeonov; Emil Stamenov; Emilia Kardzilova; Emilia Vlahova; Emiliya Dancheva; Emiliya Dvoryanova; Emiliya Dvoryanova; Emiliya Marinova; Emma Meaden; Emmanuel Wauthier; Emmy Barouh; Eneida Ivette Torres; Eric Bryant; Essenov Ivaylo; Eugenia Stoikova; Eva Dankova; Evelina Topalova; Evelina Yordanova; Evgeni Kanev; Evgeni Paunov; Evgeni Tzonev; Evgeni Vasilev; Evgenya Nenova; Fain Wahab; Frankie Bulgaria; Ga; Gabriela Kamenova; Galabina Shopova; Galina Galen Petrova; Galina Spassova; Galina Valcheva; Genady Kondarev; Genko Valev Genchev; Georg Kraev; George Georgiev Persey; George Tsvetkov; Georgi Angelov; Georgi Apostolov; Georgi Dimitrov; Georgi Gochev; Georgi Kostov; Georgi Manev; Georgi Peshev; Georgi Popov; Georgi Staykov; Georgi Vasilev Georgiev; Georgina Moore; Georgy Georgiev; Gergana Bencheva; Gergana Boteva; Gergana Boyadjieva; Gergana Dineva; Gergana Grigorova; Gergana Ilieva; Gergana Ivanova; Gergana Milcheva; Gergana Momchilova; Gergana Puleva; Gergana Todorova; Gergana Zhecheva; Gina Kendall; Glyn Jones; Gorka Ivanova; Greet Hens; Greg Baker; Grisha Strundzhev; Guillermo; Hilary Harwood; Hristian Drensky; Hristina; Hristina Haralampieva; Hristina Kuzmanova; Hristina Nikolova; Hristo Angelichin; Hristo Bratanov; Hristo Ivanov; Hristo Ivanov; Hristo Kirilov Hristov; Hristo Neshev; Hristo Penchev; Iana Avramova; Iglika Vassileva; Ilia Markov; Ilia Penev; Ilian Dountchev; Iliana Boycheva; Iliya Kozhouharov; Iliyan Kotsev; Iliyana; Ina Kancheva; Ina Saeva; Ina Uzunova; Ina Vasileva; Ina Venelina; Ina Zhekova; Irena Gadeleva; Irena Lyubenova; Irena Milanova; Irina Dimitrova; Irina Grozdeva; Irina Stoimenova; Iriney Staykov; Iskra Dimitrova; Iskren Minchev; Iva Oprikova; Iva Radoicheva Mineva; Iva Raykova; Iva Roudnikova; Ivaila Dulevska; Ivailo Mirchev; Ivailo Yoshkov; Ivan Argirov; Ivan Hristov; Ivan Iliev; Ivan Ivanov; Ivan Ivanov; Ivan Kirov; Ivan Mihalev; Ivan Paskalev; Ivan Poryazov; Ivan Todorov; Ivan Voinikov; Ivanka Georgieva; Ivanka Ivanova; Ivanka Mogilska; Ivaylo; Ivaylo Spasov; Ivaylo Spasov; Ivaylo Yordanov Ivanov ; Ivelina Georgieva; Ivelina Georgieva Ivanova; Ivelina Simeonova; Ivo Dimitrov; Ivo Galabov; Ivo Iliev; Ivonne Iliev; Izabel Basmadzhiyan ; Jan Mann; Jana Markova; Jana Ruskova; Janet Naidenova; Javor Levi; Jayne Dough; Jessica Quintela; Jim Reynolds; Joe Gotsill; Joeri Buhrer Tavanier; Johanna Jacobson-Petrov; John Alexander Adam; John Dodds; Jolande van Koert; Julia Mladenova; Julia Vasileva; Julian Lazarov; Julian Popov; Julian Voynov; Kalin Georgiev ; Kalin Hristov; Kalin Manolov; Kalin Nikolov; Kalina Lazarova; Kalina Mavrova; Kalina Minkova; Kalina Pavlova; Kalina Stamenova; Kalina Stoicheva; Kalina Varbanova; Kalina Zhuleva; Kally May; Kaloian Gorolomov; Kamelia A. Stancheva; Kamelia Dimitrova; Kamelia Dimitrova; Kamelia Spassova; Kameliya Noeva; Kamen Alipiev; Kamen Klinkanov; Kapka Lazarova; Karen Thompson; Karina Deyanova; Karina Karagaeva; Karl Irving; Karmen Bournaska; Kathy Quinn; Katina Klyavkova; Katya Ivanova; Keith Davies; Keti Nikolaeva Konstantinova-Dimitrova; Kiril; Kiril Beydov; Kiril Bozhilov; Kiril Vuchkov; Koko Kamenarov; Konstantin Ivanov; Konstantin Pavlov; Konstantin Ternianov; Konstantina Markova; Konstantza Pamukchieva; Koos Jan Schouten; Kosta Stefanov; Kostadin Choumarov; Kostadin Choumarov; Koyno Koynov; Krasena Tsvetkova; Krasimir Palahanski; Krasimira Rozenova; Krasimira Toteva; Krassen Kralev; Krassi Kara; Kremena Gyurova; Kremena Krumova; Kremena Staykova; Kristian Vaklev; Kristina Kalafatic; Krysia Rozanska; Lachezar Ivanov; Lachezar Tomov; Ladislav Cvetkov; Lance Nelson; Lasko Georgiev; Latchezar Bogdanov; Laura Thomas; Lena Kirilova Apostolova; Lenko Lenkov; Lidiya Faust; Lili Hristova ; Lili Polihronova; Lilia Sophia Popgantcheva; Liliya Bimbalova; Liliya Brezina; Liliya Grigorova; Liliya Vladimirova; Lily; Lilyana Georgieva ; Lincoln Frager; Linda Howlett; Lisa Vogt; Liubka Kirilova; Liubomira Svetozarova Stankova; Lora Georgieva; Lora Kedikova; Lora Shopova; Lora Shumkova; Lora Velichkova; Louis Niven; Louisa Slavkova; Luba Rabiu; Luben Karavelov; Lubomir Kichev; Lubomir Nokov; Lulu Kirkwood; Lyuba Yanchuleva; Lyubima Buchinska; Lyubka Doinska; Lyubomir Popov; Lyubomira Konstantinova; Lyudmila Bugunska Agripina; Lyudmila Zhelezova; Madlen Cholakova; Madlena Dalkalatcheva; Mag Hr; Magardich Huliyan; Magdalena Lauren Marie Rahn; Magdalina Guenova; Mandi Hill; Margarita Angelova-Guteva ; Maria; Maria Atanasova ; Maria Atanasova ; Maria Bogdanova; Maria Cappone; Maria Dimitrova; Maria Ivanova; Maria Karaboikova-Marushka; Maria Margaritova; Maria Mircheva; Maria Nenova; Maria Nikolova; Maria Stoilkova; Maria Yanakieva; Marian Mitev; Marian Tomov; Mariana Milusheva; Mariana Nedyalkova ; Mariana Panayotova; Mariana Todorova; Mariana Todorova ; Marie Gabrielle Darricarrere; Mariela Mincheva; Mariela Petrova; Marieta Hristova; Marietta Bradinova; Marin Chushkov; Marina Stoyanova; Marina Tyutyunkova; Mariq Kardjieva; Mariq Noveva; Mariya Daskalova; Mariya Ivanova; Mariyan Ivanov; Mariyana Mihaleva; Mark Baldwin; Mark Reynolds; Martin Atanassov; Martin Brokoli Yankov; Martin Hristov; Martin Ivanov; Martin Mikush; Martin Ossikovski; Martin Piskuliyski Maystora; Martin Tafrov; Martin Valchev; Martin Venter; Martin Zaimov; Mary Baker; Matthew Brunwasser; Maurice Campbell; Maya Kalcheva; Meglena Zlateva; Meglena Zlateva; Meral Ramadan; Merim Tenev; Metodi Lefterov; Michael Antonov; Michaela Tolina; Miglena Mavrova; Miglena Naumova; Mihaela Georgieva; Mihail Bonev; Mihail Mihov; Mike De Coster-Milman; Mila Palikarska; Mila Thomas; Milen a-a-a ; Milen Georgiev; Milen Ivanov; Milen Mihailov; Milen Vassilev; Milena; Milena Asenova; Milena Atanassova; Milena Mileva; Milena Mileva; Milena Panayotova; Milena Sarneva; Milena Vlaykova; Minka; Mira Radeva; Miroslav Dimitrov; Miroslav Enchev; Miroslav Miroslavov Pashov; Miroslava S.Guygova; Mitko Parvanov; Mitko Parvanov; Momchil Indjov; Monika Karakocheva; Monika Tyutyunkova; Monika Zapryanova; Nadejda Grigorova; Nadezhda Boyanova; Nadezhda Chipeva; Nadia Eneva; Nadia Konstantinova; Nadya Dimitrova; Nadya Georgieva; Naomi Eustace; Natali Trifonova; Natalia Andreeva; Natalia Ivanova; Natalia Vuchkova; Natalie Antoan Hadad; Neil; Neli Tsankova; Neli Tsankova; Nelly Beleva; Nelly Uzunova; Nevena Bukova; Nevena Gyurova; Nevena Popova; Nevena Vassileva; Nevenka Angelova; Nichapa Kaicharoon; Nick Veselinov; Nickolay Mladenov; Nicolas Le Baud; Nicolas von Oberndorff; Nigrita Davies; Nik; Niki Kunchev; Nikola Belopitov; Nikolay Boranov; Nikolay Dobrev Hristov; Nikolay Dragomirov Kanchev; Nikolay Hadjidontchev; Nikolay Hristanov; Nikolay Hristanov; Nikolay Ignatov; Nikolay Lukanov; Nikolay Nikolov; Nikolay Oblakoff; Nikolay Simeonov Hristov; Nikolay Tzenov; Nikolay Zheliazkov; Nikoleta Petliova; Nikoleta Popkostadinova; Nikolina Marinova; Nikos Arvithis; Nikos Patrikalos; Nina Tzenova; Nina Vassileva Benard; Niya Kashchieva; Nora Petrova; Obzor By BulgariCA; Ognian Mladenov; Ognian Zlatev; Ognyan Angelov ; Olaf Jahnke; Oleg Konstantinov; Olga Tuleva; Pam Birch; Panky Mismo; Panky Mismo; Panteley Semerdzhiev; Paromita Sanatani; Pattabhi Vemulapati; Paul Olchvary; Paul Olchvary; Pauline Kinton; Pavel Antonov; Pavel Gonevski; Pavel Gramatikov; Pavel Hadzhiev; Pavel Yanchev; Pavlina Hristeva; Penka Razhankova; Penka Vatova; Pepa Nikova; Petar Bankov; Petar Gavrilov; Petar Hristov; Petar Petrov; Petar Stefanov Savov; Petar Stefanov Topurov; Peter Mitkov; Petia Apostolova; Petia Gavrilova; Petia Veskova; Petio Liondov; Petko Ivanov; Petko Ivanov; Petq Nikolova; Petya; Petya Ivanova; Petya Kostova; Petya Simeonska; Petya Tsankova; Petyo Banchev; Petar Myashkov; Plamena Dobromirova; Plamena Gribneva; Plamena Koeva; Poli Ivanova; Polina Kostova; Polina Marangozova; Polina Mihova; Polina Paunova; Polina Slavcheva; Radan Kanev; Rado T. 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Discover More

The fourth iteration of the OPEN BUZLUDZHA festival is scheduled to kick off on 8 August and will last for three nights/four days.

"We are fascists, we burn Arabs": the youngsters start chanting as soon as they emerge from the metro station and leave the perimeter of its security cameras.

Оne of the (many) notable things Marcus Tullius Cicero said over 20 centuries ago is that "to live is to think" – and if we are not ashamed of what we think we should not be ashamed to voice it.

Where are the Bulgarian Oscars? For years this question – coupled with the notable lack of a Bulgarian Nobel Prize winner in anything – has troubled the Bulgarians, perhaps bespeaking a very deeply ingrained cultural inferiority complex.

From job opportunities to entertainment options: living in Sofia, Bulgaria's largest city, has its perks. It also has its downsides.

"Dimitrina?" I have not heard from her for more than a month, which is unusual. "Почина." "Po-chi-na?" I type the word phonetically in an online translation tool. "What?" "Почина. Me, Dimitrina sister. Bye."
As an airplane is swooping over a field beside Sofia Airport, two horses and a donkey do not look up, but keep grazing among the rubbish. Shacks made of bricks, corrugated iron and wood encroach upon the field.

Everyday Superheroes was the main theme of the event, celebrating the efforts and the energy of ordinary Bulgarians who work in spite of the difficulties and the hardships to make Bulgaria a better place.

As you hold this book in your hands, a Bulgarian song travels in outer space. The song in question is "Izlel e Delyu Haidutin," a traditional Rhodope tune sung by Valya Balkanska.

Attar-bearing roses and beautiful girls in traditional attire picking them dominate the images that Bulgaria uses to sell itself to both Bulgarian and international tourists.

This May, for two days, historians, archaeologists, restorers and experts in other fields shared their findings and ideas about the Bishop's Basilica of Philippopolis at a scientific conference in Plovdiv.

Once you start paying attention to Bulgarians, you will observe some inexplicable actions. Dozens of men and women wear red thread around their wrists. An old woman cuddles a baby, and then spits at it.