by Bozhidara Georgieva

Presents make the transition between old and new more pleasant and full with hope

The habit to recapitulate in the end of the old and the beginning of the new year is inevitable in this season. After all, retrospection is our way to evaluate what we have achieved, to set new goals or to change the old ones, contemplate our mistakes and successes.

Such thoughts might leave us satisfied or probably not, if perfectionism or bad luck are involved. In all cases there is one thing that helps us to greet the challenges of the new year with more energy, optimism and belief that everything is going to be fine.


Amazingly, they have the ability to make happy not only the receiver, but also the presenter. Is there anyone unfamiliar with the joy of finding the best gift for the people they love?

What is a good gift? If we think about it, we will find that the answers equal the people. It could be a trip or a book, an item of luxury cosmetics or a piece of jewellery, an elegant or fashionable piece of clothing or accessory, a bottle of excellent wine or a dinner in a stylish restaurant, an object of art or a beauty procedure, an exotic drink.

The list with things that fit the description "a good gift" is endless. And yet there are things that unite all good presents. They are all made with love and selected with love. They are of quality, regardless of whether their function is to make us happy for years to come or to bring us the joy of ephemeral pleasure. They also fit the personality and the desires of the receiver.

Only when all of these conditions are gathered in one place we end up with the marvellous alchemy of gifts that make us smile and step with new energy in the coming year.


Vitamin C Pure Complex by Ericson Laboratoire: Revive your skin

Vitamin C Pure Complex by Ericson LaboratoireVitamin C Pure Complex by Ericson Laboratoire awakens the tired skin, neutralises free radicals, brightens the complexion and adds radiance, thanks to its content of 20% Vitamin C. The texture is fine, it absorbs fast and does not stay oily. Contains the powerful energy stimulator HTAC booster rich in plant taurine that revives and protects the skin, and Fucogel for immediate and lasting hydration. Find it at


Happy Socks: Give a gift of colour, comfort and joy

Happy SocksOnce giving socks as presents was frowned upon. Today it is the opposite! When the socks in question are Happy Socks (Sofia, 1 Slaveykov Sq, Paradise Center, level 0, Serdica Center, level 0, the only thing we can say to the ones giving them is: "Bravo! I want one pair more!". The Happy Socks models stand out with their bold colours, remarkable design and ability to lift your mood even in the dullest days. They are available in sizes and models for men, women and children, and also have limited collections and sets.


TATRATEA Tea from the Tatras: An elixir for the soul and the body

TATRATEAGenerations of inhabitants of the Tatras in Slovakia have selected healing herbs and combined them with alcohol: this was how the Tatran tea was born. This incredible drink gets an even more impressive dimension with the TATRATEA products ( Distilled with clean water from the Tatras and made with selected teas and herbs, they can be drank warm or as a part of an intriguing cocktail. The varieties seduce: coconut, citrus, peach, forest fruit, even "outlaws tea." And why not the original Tatran tea? Consume responsibly.


Designer white shirts NAGGA: Express yourself


© Lazar Dimitrov

Fashion trends come and go, but the classics remain. Quality white shirts are one of those. No matter how diverse our wardrobe is, in it there will always be space for yet another white shirt of good cotton and with elegant fit that offers us reliable and stylish solution for every life situation – from a business meeting to a romantic picnic. The Bulgarian fashion brand NAGGA (phone: +359 89 46 45 740, knows the power of good white shirt and with an impressive talent seduces us with elegant designs, intriguing cuts and quality fabrics. To make everything even better, each month NAGGA releases a new model that is appropriate for the season and satisfies even the most demanding taste.


Yuno Pearls: Discover the charm of brooches

Yuno Pearls

Brooch of 925 silver with rhodium coating, 8.5-9mm white and dark pearls, zirconiums



Brooches are a timeless piece of jewellery that brings freshness and individuality to every outfit, be it a business or a formal one. The classical way is to pin it on the lapel, but for a bigger impact put them on a more unorthodox place: the hat, the bag, the trousers, the skirt. For a unique result choose the natural pearl brooches from the Yuno Pearls stores ( Splendour is a weak word to describe these exquisite creations of 925 silver with rhodium coating and white, dark, pink and lilac pearls reaching up to 9 mm.



Salamander Universal SMS: A friend in winter is a friend indeed

Salamander Universal SMSWinter is beautiful with its clean snow until the moment slush and ponds replace its white drifts, along with their damaging effects on our shoes. With Salamander Universal SMS ( we forget about this problem. The high-quality protection with fluorine protects items of leather, nubuck and textile from getting wet, dirty and soiled by snow, water and other liquids. Salamander Universal SMS is for all types of materials and breathable membranes, as well as for accessories, umbrellas, coats, hats, bags and others.


NOBLIE Collectibles: Art for giving

NOBLIE CollectiblesObjects of art are a present that leaves a lasting trace in the heart, brings aesthetic pleasure and increases its value with time. Find an exclusive gift or add a new piece of art to your NOBLIE collection. The elegant, hand-made objects from the series NOBLIE COLLECTIBLES (Sofia, 100 James Bourchier Blvd, Hotel Marinela, embody beauty, craftsmanship and triumph of creative genius over matter. They deserve to be owned by anyone who is capable to recognise their perfection.



The new Coeur de Lion: Winter in style

Elegance 24/7 – Carola Eckrodt‘s aspiration to create universal jewellery for every day and every moment continues to produce impressive creations for the winter, too. Once again, the designer matches innovative design concepts with classic and trend-setting colours from the current season that can be easily combined. The latest Coeur de Lion jewellery are stylish and timeless, suitable for women who appreciate the exceptional.

Coeur de LionThe Coeur de Lion Autumn/Winter 2018 collection sees fresh bracelet creations in all colour themes that add just the right touch of elegance to every look. These include 6-string bracelets with nappa leather and mesh that go perfectly with the new colours of the GEOCUBE® models.

Find your best piece of Coeur de Lion on and in the stores in Sofia, on 29 Alabin St and 7-9 Solunska St.


Bulgarian natural cosmetics: Solutions for everyone

Hristina cosmeticsThe power of nature should not be underestimated. When you want to harness it to work for your beauty, the Bulgarian natural cosmetics that you can find at will win you over with its efficiency. Creams and peelings for face and body, shampoos and hair masks, professional cosmetics, aromas – each of the products is made of best quality natural ingredients and brings in our life health, joy and beauty.


SeeWines Wine Club: Subscribe for pleasure

SeeWines Wine ClubSeeWines Wine Club ( is a convenient and easy way to always have a bottle or more of good wine at home. At you will find a variety of specialised clubs – from beginners (enthusiasts) to experienced (connoisseurs). is a chance to taste selected and exclusive wines and rare labels, which you would find it hard to buy locally. Your selection is personalised and the delivery is free. Each wine box contains useful information about the wines you get, suggestions for the best foods for them, the right temperature of serving, and more. Members of the Wine Club enjoy a 10% discount when shopping from the Wine Shop section on the website. All of these make the 3, 6 or 9 month subscription for Wine Club an excellent gift. Find more ideas for wine gifts and home delivery wine at


A great year with wines by Augeo Family Estate and The View restaurant

Augeo Family EstateIn the beginning of the New Year we always wish for better things. Augeo Family Estate winery ( and The View restaurant (Sofia, 89B Vitosha Blvd, 24th Floor, provide us with those with ease. The new series of organic red wines by Augeo Family Estate is a true revelation. Augeo Family Estate Red Blend Reserve 2015, Augeo Family Estate Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve 2015, Augeo Family Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 2017 and Augeo Family Estate Syrah & Merlot 2016 are an impressive example for good balance between taste and memorable notes, created in an environmentally friendly way. As wine is always connected with love, the best place to combine those for St Valentine is the exclusive restaurant The View.

The View restaurant SofiaBesides a gorgeous vista of Sofia, on 14 February at The View you will also find a special menu by chef Kaloyan Dobrev. Book now, all tables will be taken soon.



Honey and bee products by GHoney: Clean, sweet and beneficial

GHoneyHoney and bee products are one of the biggest gifts of nature for us, and GHoney ( turns them into a series of amazing suggestions that make us healthy and beautiful. Each of the GHoney products is made by hives in a clean region of the Sredna Gora mountains and is laboratory tested. In the company's catalogue you will find classical and pressed honey, bee pollen, royal jelly and propolis, wax candles, a variety of cosmetics for the body. Aromas, a feel of luxury, beauty: the products with the GHoney brand charge us with energy and make us feel good. What a better present that this? 


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The question of what women want and the inability to answer it conclusively are as old as the world. Or at least this is what popular culture has been trying to convince us. The truth is that women have always known what they wanted.

The Christmas and New Year's holidays are the time when we are free to concentrate on fulfilling our wishes and on everything that brings us pleasure.

The summer is coming, and with it our excitement increases. Our souls crave the caress of the sun rays and the sea, the light clothes and the journey that we can finally take on. But are our body, face, skin and hair ready as well?
It is often said that a woman’s soul is а complex mystery, difficult to solve, and the moods and de- sires of ladies are changeable, vague, and sometimes deprived of logic. It is true that women are differ- ent and everyone has her own individual longings.
To give or to receive presents? Some people prefer the former, others – the latter, yet others love to do both. What unites them all is that regardless of the occasion, the tradition fills the hearts of everyone involved with joy, happiness and warmth.
Gifts are one of the best ways to say "I love you" to the people we cherish. And the best time to do it, outside of special events in life, are the Christmas and New Year's feasts.
Summer is a special season. It is the only part of the year of which we think about long before it has arrived.
No matter if the winter in question has been mild. The very thought about the coming summer inevitably begins to excite us long before the season's actual beginning. The warmth! The vacation! The planning! The long days and the short nights!
Historians say that gifts are a pillar of human civilisation.
The Christmas and New Year's celebrations in 2020 will be as never before. Unlike other years, this December we will forget about the ease with which we planned trips, meetings with friends, parties and family gatherings. But this should not discourage us.
What do we, women, need to be happy?
They say you cannot buy happiness with money. It is true, in principle... until the moment when we see the shining eyes of our beloved one when they open the carefully packaged gift for a birthday, holiday or St Valentine.