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The modern world is more connected than ever – thanks to modern logistics

When a year ago the global pandemic turned the life of humanity on its head, we realised how dependent we were on regular supply of fuel, food, medicines and other essential goods and resources. Until then we had accepted as normal that we would be able, on a whim, to buy South American exotic fruit at the supermarket or to order online clothes, gadgets and not-that-essential knick-knack from thousands of kilometres away. The pandemic opened our eyes about how complex and huge the network of global and regional trade has become.

Initially, the very foundations of this network appeared threatened with collapse caused by the closed borders, the restricted movement, the disinfection requirements. However, the system withstood the stress. Some parts of it even thrived in the new environment. The increased demand for online shopping in Bulgaria, for example, caused increased demand for storage spaces designed for urban logistics, in 2020.

In these circumstances Bulgaria can only benefit – both as a society and as business opportunities. The country is strategically located on the crossroads between Europe and Asia, with international airports, river and sea ports, a network of transportation corridors and railway lines. The infrastructure continues to grow and modernise to meet the increased demand.

The organisation of transportation of goods and resources is also changing. Modern logistic companies invest in AI, technologies and processes that allow more effective package processing, error minimisation, effective transportation. Modernisation and upgrading also work for decrease of transportation-linked emissions that harm the environment.

The increase of the goods flow and the modernisation of this sector in the economy also means a demand in contemporary logistic centres that fit the field's current trends. It was inevitable that such places would appear in Bulgaria. Their further expansion in the future is guaranteed.

They all share some crucial traits. Quality logistic centres are located by key transportation hubs and arteries. They are built in accordance with the highest standards for effectiveness, security and safety, and provide to their clients flexible solutions that fit their individual needs.

When you are looking for a modern warehouse with excellent location, flexible solutions and efficient spaces, Logistic Park Sofia (+359 888 60 33 40,, is an excellent choice. With its 116,000 sq.m of storage in close proximity to the capital Sofia, the park has a fast and easy access to Trakiya and Hemus motorways, Sofia Airport and the Ring Road. The working height of the warehouse is 12.20 m, which allows for up to 6-level standard racking or a minimum 20% reduction in rental expenses relative to lower height warehouses. The logistic park has its own power substations, a reserved supply from a second substation, independent water supply, fibre-optic cabling and gas supply. The warehouse flooring is made of high-quality 20 cm jointless polished concrete with high load-carrying capacity of 9 tonnes point load. All warehouses have loading ramps with dock levellers for vans and trucks. There is also availability for drive-in ramps and cross-docking. The park offers office spaces for all tenants and has a restaurant for up to 200 people. The 24-hour security, access control, CCTV and modern fire extinguishing system guarantee the safety of all clients. The park has an option for construction of temperature controlled zones and other auxiliary equipment. Logistic Park Sofia also offers facility management services. 

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