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The country is a preferred hunting destination. Here is why

Hunting provokes the most profound instincts embedded in our human nature. Today, people hunt not to survive, but for sport, to test their skills and to maintain populations of game and wildfowl in numbers that do not affect people's life and work. With its diverse landscapes, thick forests and clean rivers, and its location on the European bird migratory route Via Pontica, Bulgaria is understandably one of the best places for hunting on the continent. The reasons for this are not only in its nature. Bulgaria has a rich tradition in organised hunting and fishing, and the network of hunting grounds covers the whole country and takes care of the high quality of the local game.

Bulgaria's game diversity is impressive – red, fallow and roe deer, chamois, boar, wolf, jackals, foxes, hare, Western capercaillie, Grey partridge, pheasant... these are just some of the species that one can meet in Bulgarian forests and fields. Many of the wild game that can be caught in Bulgaria are trophy ones. For example, the country is the European leader in hunting red deer – it has four world records in trophies. Local boars are famed for their large trophies and their weight – here was shot one of the largest boars ever caught in the world.

This is why it is hardly surprising that hunting in Bulgaria attracts not only local people, but also many foreign visitors. According to information by the Executive Forests Agency, even during the years of the pandemic Bulgaria remained an attractive destination for foreign hunters. In 2021, foreigners hunting big game in the country were mainly from Germany, Spain, Italy, and France, while the small game foreign hunters arrived predominantly from Italy, Greece, Spain, and France.

Choosing the hunting ground where to meet Bulgaria's nature is the first important step for every hunter. On it depend the impressions, and the results, that he is going to have from the experience.

Good equipment is the other crucial element for trouble-free and pleasant hunting. Without it the experience would not be complete – indeed, once people used spears, bows and arrows, but today the well prepared hunter relies on a combination of high and low tech weapons and accessories, and quality clothes of the best fabrics.

When the hunter is equipped with the best hunting weapon, optics and clothes, the experience is on a completely new level. In the three weapon and ammunition shops and the website of Aleksis Optics (www.aleksis-optics.com) you will find everything you need for an unforgettable and good hunting. Established in 1995 in Veliko Tarnovo, the company specialises in the sale of the best of optics industry – binoculars, night vision devices, thermal imaging devices and weapon accessories. Aleksis Optics also offers a rich selection of assault, hunting and cold weapons; ammunition; clothing, shoes and accessories. The company will help you take good care of your weapon with options to purchase spare parts, a repair shop, weapon inspection, optical and thermal devices mounting.

Imagine hunting apparel that is comfortable, modern, tested in real life conditions, at affordable prices – and is made in Bulgaria. Since 2017, Ares Hunting (www.ares-hunting.com) has confidently worked towards its goal to create and establish on the market a Bulgarian brand for clothes for hunting, fishing, tourism and other outdoor activities. Each item that you are going to see in Ares Hunting's online store has author's, unique design, and is custom made after the company's specifications that reflect real life hunting experience and knowledge of the diverse needs that one has during different types of hunting. Each model has been tested continuously and repeatedly in real hunting before being greenlighted for manufacture. This is why Ares Hunting clothes satisfy even the highest requirements and standards for intensive hunting. The unique colour of Ares Hunting was also developed after an idea of the company. Thanks to it, you will stand out among other hunters while blending in the environment.

When you are on a hunt or are exploring wild nature, the good knife can be crucial for the quality of the experience. If you have packed a knife by the Bulgarian company Ego Knives (FB: EgoKnives), you can be assured that you are ready for everything. Handmade of the best materials by artisans who perceive their craft as a form of art, the knives with the Ego Knives brand are comfortable, effective and exceptionally beautiful. Each of them has an authenticity certificate and lifetime warranty, and their sheaths are made with the same attention to quality and detail.

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