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WHERE IN BULGARIA ARE YOU? © Anthony Georgieff

Among the rolling hills of northern Bulgaria, near Veliko Tarnovo, a strange pillar stands amid a cornfield. From afar, it looks just like one of those abandoned factory chimneys that dot Bulgaria left, right and centre. But it isn't.

It is a 13-metre-high obelisk of finely hewn blocks, which used to prop the mausoleum of a senior priest when these lands were a part of the Roman Empire. The pillar remains one of the strangest and most enigmatic archaeological sites in Bulgaria.

Where in Bulgaria are you?

Email your answers to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and you can win a copy of our book, Hidden Treasures of Bulgaria 2.

Hidden Treasures of Bulgaria 2

Shirley SandfordShirley Sandford from Wales guessed correctly that Zhrebchevo Dam was in the picture from our Where In Bulgaria Are You? quiz in issue 109. She wins a copy of Hidden Treasures of Bulgaria 2. Shirley and her husband Brian moved to Bulgaria seven years ago. They had been on holiday to the country several times and found the people and the place to their liking, particularly around Central Bulgaria. They found the lifestyle more laid back and relaxed and as they were looking for somewhere to retire they moved to the village of Turkincha near Dryanovo in 2008. "We have adapted well to village life and have been well accepted by the locals," says Shirley. In Bulgaria she would recommend places around the village she now lives: "Emen, Shipka, Etara and Tryavna and of course the old town of Veliko Tărnovo". What she doesn't like in Bulgaria is the time-consuming bureaucracy. "The language also is very hard to learn," says Shirley, who is happy to read Vagabond. "A very informative magazine, full of interesting articles. It certainly keeps us in touch with important (especially political) news in Bulgaria... We think you should send a free subscription to Boyko Borisov and his government pals! They might just learn something about the ordinary citizens of the country!"

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