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Where in Bulgaria? Where in Bulgaria? © Anthony Georgieff

Many century ago parts of what is now Bulgaria were populated by a strange people called Thracians. They excelled in the arts and crafts, they drank their wine undiluted and they were brave soldiers. However, they did not have a written language and therefore little is known about them.

The Thracians were pagan. They were known for their elaborate religious ceremonies that included animal sacrifices, dances and performances of torch-lit night-time rites usually in places with bizarre rock formations.

There are many remains of the Thracian civilisation in Bulgaria, ranging from whole cities to royal tombs and megaliths.
The one pictured here is located on a small peninsula jutting out to the Black Sea south of Sozopol. Under Communism it was inaccessible because it was cordoned off as part of a hunting ground for party dignitaries. But now with Communism gone the site has become a major tourist site.

Where in Bulgaria are you?

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Born in Sofia and living in the US, Petya Kostadinova guessed correctly Burgas as the answer of "Where in Bulgaria are you?" quiz in Vagabond No.80. She wins a weekend for two in Grand Hotel Bansko. Petya emigrated in her teens, but returns to Bulgaria regularly. She has been an avid reader of Vagabond almost since its beginning, and she enjoys it for the objective and well-informed articles about life and politics in her native country.

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