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"The idea of removing the flat rate income tax is not just ill-considered; it is downright stupid."

Finance Minister Simeon Djankov on President Georgi Parvanov's suggestion that the flat tax rate be scrapped

"The issue is not only that this country has been despoiled, but that this country has been debased by practices initiated by politicians at the highest level."

Dr Konstantin Trenchev, president of the Podkrepa Labour Confederation

"There are MPs who feel so self-important that they don't find it necessary to inform me if they are absent."

Tsetska Tsacheva, Speaker of the Bulgarian Parliament

"I wouldn't say that the British don't care about our judicial system and don't respect it, because Shields was not released immediately upon his return to Britain. The fact that they decided to pardon one of their citizens four years later is not, in my opinion, a slight on the Bulgarian judicial system."

Neli Kutskova, spokesperson of the Union of Bulgarian Judges

"After he banned the words 'freeze' and 'will,' the prime minister should also ban the word 'if.' Every day former ministers are accused in relation to this word."

Maya Manolova, Bulgarian Socialist Party MP

"If the government was a band of rock musicians, we could compare it, in its first weeks in office, to Led Zeppelin, also known as the Hammer of the Gods."

Evgeniy Daynov, political scientist and rock musician

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