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“Regional Development and Public Works Minister Asen Gagauzov managed to shock the entire Bulgarian nation with his statement that all of the country's services were in place during the heavy New Year's snowfall. Nothing can faze the authorities: not the seven cold-weather casualties, not falling awnings, not the pile-up of cars on Sliven's Pentacle Intersection….”


“The government was not caught off guard by the snow, because it had advance instructions to prepare for winter weather conditions.” Health Minister Professor Radoslav Gaydarski (second from right) “If the Bulgarian healthcare system is sick, then obviously it can't… one sick man can't cure another. Therefore I think the Bulgarian healthcare system is doing fine.”

Emel Etem

“In the West businesses are transitioning to working from home because of viruses.”

Dr Angel Kunchev, from the Ministry of Health's Control of Contagious Diseases Department

“A full 43 percent of Britons and 37 percent of US citizens declare that they are ‘not afraid of anything on a personal level' according to a survey by GfK Custom Research.”

24 Chasa

“It's not normal for the EU to the exporting more to Switzerland than to China.”

EU Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson

“Bulgaria is not a small fish in a large pond.”

President of the European Commission José Manuel Barroso

“Russia has given Bulgaria things that don't cost money. In return, Bulgaria will have to give Russia for free things that cost a lot of money: Burgas-Alexandroupolis, South Stream, inflated gas prices, and huge fees for the construction of the completely unnecessary Belene Nuclear Power Plant.”

Ognyan Minchev of the Bulgarian chapter of the NGO Transparency Without Borders

“A word spoken is a stone thrown.”

Bulgarian proverb

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