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"If we screw up again they will mock us all over the place, just as they did when we failed to film the 1999 eclipse."

A TV cameraman from the Bulgarian National Television in a conversation with a colleague, inadvertently aired during the live broadcast of the 20 March eclipse. The BNT failed to film the 1999 total eclipse as well

"Ukraine is an artificial county."
Borislav Vangelov of the VMRO, the new director of the State Agency for Bulgarians Abroad

"I will not tell you the names of the candidates to head military intelligence. If I do, they will be shot and killed."
Defence Minister Nikolay Nenchev

"With me, in GERB, I have an army of women who are not only hardworking, but cannot be suspected of corruption."
Prime Minister Boyko Borisov

"A bit of stage design will boost tourism."
Culture Minister Vezhdi Rashidov defending construction of new "Mediaeval" fortresses

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