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"For the first time I realised that even an innocent man can be convicted."

Former Interior Minister Tsvetan Tsvetanov on his Sofia City Court conviction to four years imprisonment

"With this sentence they canonised Tsvetanov."
GERB leader Boyko Borisov

"GERB is a band of criminals."
Anton Kutev, an MP for the BSP

"The elections were a dirty race with a lot of doping."
Antoaneta Tsoneva, Institute for Public Development

"While people were throwing tomatoes over the fences around Parliament, they weren't able to see many important things."
Petar Kurumbashev, BSP

"The DPS won the elections but unlike GERB we are far from euphoric."
Yordan Tsonev, DPS

"I used to call Boyko Borisov 'the village mayor of Sofia,' now I regret it."
Radan Kanev, the Reformist Bloc

"In Bulgaria the term 'stolen money' shouldn't be used. So-called corruption is much bigger in Europe than in Bulgaria."
Deputy Minister of Economy Yunal Tasim

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