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"We, together with 300-400 people from GERB, planted 28 trees, and Sergey Stanishev planted just one, accompanied only by his personal publicist."

Tsvetan Tsvetanov, on the election campaign

"Bulgaria again has to become a People's Republic."

Journalist-turned-politician Nikolay Barekov

"My years of observation of Bulgarian 'scenarios,' 'plans' and 'brilliant schemes' show that what stands behind all of this is sheer stupidity and laziness."

Sociologist Kolyo Kolev

"We lack the feeling of community. We unite only in hatred. We look too much into the past, have no idea about the present and our ideal for the future is that it should look like the past."

Musician and actor Stefan Valdobrev

"Dear friends, as I accept this high Russian distinction, I want to give you a brotherly salute from the majority of the Bulgarian people, who love the Russian people and remember that fraternal Russia, and not the EU, liberated them from the Turkish yoke."

Ataka leader Volen Siderov, on being awarded the Star of the Motherland in Moscow

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