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"This is not a hospital everyone is obliged to go into. Ultimately, public houses are not something people cannot live without."

Luchezar Ivanov, an MP for GERB

"It is a fact that many Englishmen, who came to live in Bulgaria, did so owing to the liberal smoking regulations."

Tsveta Georgieva, an MP for Ataka

"What we have is something human that is forbidden for some people. But everything nice in this world is forbidden."

Andrey Pantev, an MP for Coalition for Bulgaria

"They did ban smoking in Ireland, but then a volcano erupted there. There is always a balance in nature."

Plamen Tsekov, an MP for GERB (Later, Tsekov would clarify that the volcano in fact had erupted in Iceland, but it was very near Ireland anyway)

"It is almost unrealistic to think that if we did impose a total ban people would go and drink their coffee or rakiya without using cigarettes."

Svetlin Tanchev, an MP for GERB

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