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"The offenders can't complain about their detention. We take care of them; they are warm and fed regularly."

Sofia City Prosecutor Nikolay Kokinov on the living conditions of the detainees in The Impudent operation

"If we have to mention the greatest steps that GERB, or Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria, and especially the prime minister have taken over the past few months, these are the steps backwards."

Zhivko Georgiev, sociologist

"Mrs Jeleva got herself into hot water, but I am not to blame for that."

Antonyia Parvanova, MEP from NDSV, or the National Movement for Stability and Progress, commenting on accusations that she deliberately ruined the hearing of Bulgaria's Commissioner-designate Rumiana Jeleva from GERB

"I think that we have to learn to be Europeans; if we can't, we'll just keep going on in the same old way."

Veselin Metodiev, an MP from DSB, or Democrats for Strong Bulgaria

"Boyko Borisov can't be a prime minister. He presents himself as a cross between Batman and Rambo, and behaves like the ringleader of a shady business group."

Yane Yanev, leader of RZS, or Order, Law and Justice

"At the moment, we are revealing contract killings. They go and show us, 'Here, in this meadow, there is a body. We buried it somewhere here.' My colleague Tsvetanov is digging with a tractor and unearthing the bodies!"

Prime Minister Boyko Borisov on Interior Minister Tsvetan Tsvetanov's efficiency

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