"Little is said about the fact that 70 to 80 percent of our MPs are faceless people. The ordinary citizen can recognise only a few of those elected to parliament. We have heard the names of 20 or so more,…
"There is no other case in Bulgaria's history when a man in uniform has dumped his epaulettes in such a way. This implies no sense of patriotism at all. If you don't want to serve in the police, you should…
"Yes, on the very eve of this visit to Moscow there were appeals, rather insistent appeals, for me to ‘catch a diplomatic cold,' and lower the level sharply and manifestly. Jokingly, I asked whether we should not apply this approach…
"Back then, in Communist times, it was impossible to travel abroad. I had only visited Bulgaria and the GDR. And the first things I saw in Bulgaria were exactly those squatting toilets, which I had never seen in Czechoslovakia. This…
"The new political colour is dull red." Issue 28-29, January-February 2009
"Pardon my saying it, Mr Prime Minister, but you're a stud." Issue 27, December 2008
"Bulgaria's politicians are elected by the Bulgarian people. The Bulgarians' vulgarity produces vulgar politicians. Bulgarians are unworthy of the government they have right now. Considering the Bulgarian people, this government is a fantastic one. There we have three individuals of…
"You can't drink all night with mutri and still work for the Interior Ministry."Interior Minister Mihail Mikov on sacking two senior police officers
"Ring the church bells and don't breathe!"Sofia Mayor Boyko Borisov comments on the explosions in Chelopechene in a television interview
"God returned to Bulgaria – He had abandoned its heavenly natural beauty for a while." Issue 22, July 2008
"This is an old Bulgarian trick - we get a letter and don't answer it, and in this way we've solved the problem."Issue 21, June 2008
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Racism, poverty mark Covid-19 blocked Sofia

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