Down Tseko from AlekoSlogan shouted by citizens protesting against new Forestry Act
"There are many hypotheses. What we know at the moment is that they are gone."Interior Minister Tsvetan Tsvetanov on why "Galevi Brothers" from Dupnitsa disappeared after being convicted on organised crime charges
"In the Scandinavian countries, they shoot themselves because they are very happy. 70-80 people shot dead, just out of happiness. They have the highest number of suicides and alcoholism. God forbid Bulgaria become like the United States, where seven or…
"Last night I alerted the prime minister about the refusal of Public Health Minister Stefan Konstantinov to appear in my show."TV moderator Nikolay Barekov
"I can responsibly declare that brutal organised crime that our society has known for the past 20 years has disappeared."Interior Minister Tsvetan Tsvetanov in a 24 Hours interview
"Let Dyankov become like Vasil Levski and go on liberating other peoples."Dimitar Manolov, Vice President of Podkrepa Trade Union on financial minister Simeon Dyankov
"This service does not operate in Bulgarian territory so it is not subject to Bulgarian legislation."General Kircho Kirov, Director of the National Intelligence Service
"It turns out that Sofia is safer than Ibiza."Lotar Mateus, Bulgarian national football team coach, after being mugged in Spain
"It will become clear, when it becomes clear."Finance Minister Simeon Dyankov on the topic if and when pensions will be increased
"I envy my colleague. Two or three years ago they had 3,000 prisoners. Now they have 24,000. That means their judiciary are highly effective."Interior Minister Tsvetan Tsvetanov to his Georgian colleague Vano Merabishvili
"You see that terrorist attacks are not spared to any country. We count on our balanced foreign policy and the fact that we are in close friendly relations with the Arab world and Palestine. The Arab world does business with…
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Racism, poverty mark Covid-19 blocked Sofia

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