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I have lived in Bulgaria for four years now and like most of my friends here, when a magazine is mentioned, we shrug our shoulders as those are filled with real estate propaganda, watered-down information and, to be rather blunt, are just plain boring.

However, whilst staying at the Srebana guesthouse last week I found myself looking for some reading material to pass the time (ahem) and reached out for the Vagabond. Suffice it to say I haven't put it down since!! Marvellous writing, honest opinions and incredibly funny to boot.

Glynn Clarke, Botevo, Varna


We bought four plots of land in the village of Bolyarovo, in the region of Yambol, from Bulgarian Real Estate company in Burgas. These people stole our money! They have said one story after another for months now and we have seen the land we bought is being sold again. The company also use the name Bulgarianproperties-TNT with an address in Sofia and a number of web addresses. Now there are many stories about their scams on the Internet. If you can refer or help us in any way — our life savings went into buying land to start a small company in Bulgaria and now we have nothing. We just want what we paid for.

Paul Goeltz, San Jose, California


We have bought a house in the village of Krushevo, in the region of Gabrovo, in central northern Bulgaria, the birthplace of Bulgarian partisan movement. We bought it because of its interesting history — it used to be a partisani hide-out. I wrote a song for the 9th September celebrations, "Partisan." It is about Krushevo and the partisans there. Many partisan supporters were executed in the village by the Bulgarian pro-German police, and one of them was just 15 years old.

Here is some of the text.

Now here's a song for heroes, Not so far away
Living in the foothills, Raking in the hay
And here's the untold story they hoped they'd fade away
Partisan, Partisan, Partisan
The Allies of the British, They stood in the facists way
Frank Thompson, BEF, Guided on they're way
Executed by traitors upon that fateful day
Partisan, Partisan, Partisan
Democracy, 89, Denial of the past
Good and bad of everything, Young minds they never ask
The christian, the muslim, the communist, the jew
The farmers of Krushevo, The ones they died for you
Partisan Partisan Partisan

The song is available at www.thisisjonathantaylor.com.

Jonathan Taylor, Krushevo, Gabrovo

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