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As the EU announced it was lifting its monitoring for the supremacy of law in Bulgaria, the newspapers went on with one of their favourite topics: crime. Here are a few examples.

A 31-year-old policeman from Pazardzhik was caught trying to steal 10 leva ($6, £4) from an apartment in Dimitrovgrad, in southern Bulgaria. The owner of the apartment had gone to walk her dog around noon and heard suspicious sounds from her home. She phoned her husband, but when the man said he was away, she approached the front door and locked it from the outside. The thief managed to escape by jumping from the fourth floor, but broke his heel as he thumped to the ground. He was promptly arrested, interrogated in the local hospital, and faces a prison sentence of one to 10 years.

In a separate development a 30-year-old woman from Kyustendil stole a taxi cab and was caught driving in the opposite direction lane of the Struma Motorway. When the traffic police found the car parked in the wrong lane at a local roundabout, they discovered a visibly inadequate woman nearby. She was scratching off lottery tickets. An alcohol test revealed the woman had been drunk.

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