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Communist-era political jokes increasingly regain popularity in the Bulgaria under GERB. Here are some recent samples that are making the rounds these days.

The BTA, or Bulgarian Telegraph Agency, puts out a dispatch: "We have been authorised to announce, with deep sorrow, that the leader of the Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria, or GERB, and Prime Minister Boyko Borisov, following a lengthy period of sickness and without regaining consciousness… did manage to resume the fulfilment of his duties and showed up for Question Time in Parliament."

Citizen Ivanov is on his deathbed. His sad relatives ask him what his last wish is. "I want to become a member of GERB," Ivanov replies. "But why?" the relatives retort in disbelief. "Because I want to make sure that at least one of them will soon be gone for good."

Then a foreigner arrives in a Bulgarian village. The village is deserted, but as he approaches the square he starts feeling a nasty smell. Right in the middle of the village he finds himself in the midst of a cesspool full of people who are all neck-deep in sh*t. "This is terrible!" the foreigner cries. "I can't stand it! I want to get out! How can you stay here at all?!" The villagers hiss back at him: "Stop moving around because you are making ripples."

These three pieces of folk humour made the rounds in the 1980s. Obviously, at that time the butt of all three of them was elsewhere. Now, in 2018, they are still around.

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