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Ten years into its EU membership and after millions of leva spent on infrastructure projects, some of which needed to be made over, owing to poor workmanship, a few days after they had been inaugurated, Bulgaria succeeded in setting up a public convenience facility at Kalotina, the border checkpoint with Serbia which is in fact this country's main land gateway to the West.

The new public toilet was inaugurated by none lesser than Deputy Prime Minister Valeri Simeonov, the leader of the extreme nationalist National Front for the Salvation of Bulgaria, Boyko Borisov's government's coalition partners.

Simeonov, pictured above in this screenshot from Bulgarian National Television's main newscast, said it had taken less than two months to construct the toilet. The toilet, which the deputy prime minister described as "wonderful," cost about 30,000 leva.

Previously, truck drivers, coach passengers and people going for a drive westwards needed to resort to using local bushes, trees and trenches if caught short.

The journalist, who reported on the toilet dedication, added that the deputy prime minister had discovered the sorry state of the local sewage system on 21 September whilst en route to Dimitrovgrad, in Serbia.

The state of public convenience facilities and toilets in general has improved beyond recognition since this country's liberation from Ottoman rule in 1878 when the overwhelming majority of toilets were of the squatting rather than of the sit-down type.

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