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1.The mayor of Sofia said that to remove plastic bags hanging from tree branches he would enlist the help of…

A. mountain climbers
B. special units from rubbish collecting firms
C. monkeys from the Sofia zoo

2. Meglena Plugchieva is the new deputy prime minister and minister within Sergey Stanishev's government. What is she responsible for?

A. European questions
B. absorption of European funds
C. administrative reductions

3. This year's high school grads have to take special exams (matura) in two subjects - The Bulgarian language is mandatory, but they have a free choice for the second. What is the most popular exam among students in Sofia?

A. geography
B. English
C. physical education

4. Which Bulgarian football team was this year's national champion?

B. Levski
C. Rodopa

5. The National Statistical Institute measured the inflation rate during April. How high was it?
A. 14.6 percent
B. 10 percent
C. 22 percent

6. Bulgaria's traffic police, or KAT, can now demand cash from drivers on the road - legally. What size fines can police collect on the spot for violations?

A. up to 20 leva
B. from 10-50 leva
C. up to 100 leva

7. The ruling coalition often holds meetings in spa resorts. Where was their last gathering held?

A. near Razlog
B. in Hisarya
C. in Sandanski

8. A group of MPs split from the Simeon II National Movement, or NDSV, and formed a new party - Bulgarian New Democracy. What is their leader's name?

A. Mihail Mikov
B. Nikolay Svinarov
C. Nikolay Vasilev

9. Bulgaria's most famous footballer Hristo Stoytchkov recently made headlines. For what?

A. winning a new title as coach
B. his daughter's wedding
C. thrashing a photographer

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