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Martenitsa? Martenitsa? © Dragomir Ushev

Think you know Bulgaria and the Bulgarians? Take our test to doublecheck

1. The red and white threads that Bulgarians put on 1 March is called...

A. Martenitsa

B. Survaknitsa

C. Banitsa


2. Bachkovo Monastery is in which mountain?

A. The Stara Planina

B. The Rhodope

C. The Strandzha


3. What is not used as a Banitsa stuffing?

A. Spinach

B. Pumpkin

C. Carrots


4. Which is Bulgaria's biggest seaside city?

A. Balchik

B. Varna

C. Pomorie


5. Who was Alexander of Battenberg?

A. Sofia's first mayor after 1944

B. Bulgaria's first president after 1989

C. Bulgaria's first ruler after 1878


6. Where is the Baba Vida Fortress?

A. In Vidin

B. In Vratsa

C. In Veliko Tarnovo


7. Which city is famed for its plum Rakiya?

A. Targovishte

B. Tutrakan

C. Troyan


8. What is the population of Bulgaria?

A. 7,000,000

B. 6,000,000

C. 8,000,000


9. What was the first Slavonic alphabet used in Bulgaria called?

A. The Cyrillic

B. The Aramaic

C. The Glagolitic 



The correct answers to the questions: 

1. – A; 2. – B; 3. – C; 4. – B; 5. – C; 6. – A; 7. – C; 8. – A; 9. – C.

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