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Part of Romania? Part of Romania? © Anthony Georgieff

Think you know Bulgaria and the Bulgarians? Take our test to doublecheck

1. Which river carves a spectacular gorge near Sofia?
A. The Struma
B. The Kamchiya
C. The Iskar

2. The highway from Plovdiv to Turkey is called...
A. Maritsa
B. Trakiya
C. Hemus

3. Which Bulgarian town is famed for its cherries?
A. Razgrad
B. Kyustendil
C. Tran

4. In which mountain is the Buzludzha Communist Party monument?
A. The Rila
B. The Stara Planina
C. The Rhodope

5. Which Bulgarian city was a part of Romania in 1919-1940?
A. Balchik
B. Ruse
C. Veliko Tarnovo

6. What salad is made of tomatoes, cucumbers and white cheese?
A. Snezhanka
B. Ruska
C. Shopska

7. Which Bulgarian ruler was dubbed The Fearsome?
A. King Simeon I
B. Khan Krum
C. Todor Zhivkov

8. Which animal used to live in the Black Sea?
A. Monk seal
B. Killer whale
C. Platypus

9. Which grape variety is typical for the Asenovgrad region?
A. Shiroka Melnishka Loza
B. Gamza
C. Mavrud


The correct answers:
1. – C; 2. – A; 3. – B; 4. – B; 5. – A; 6. – C; 7. – B; 8. – A; 9. – C.

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