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Midzhur? Midzhur? © Anthony Georgieff

Think you know Bulgaria and the Bulgarians? Take our test to doublecheck

1. Which two months are "brothers," according to Bulgarian traditional belief?
A. December and January
B. January and February
C. February and March

2. What do Bulgarians celebrate on 14 February?
A. St Trifon Zarezan, patron saint of wine
B. St Anthony's Feast
C. Christmas according to the Julian calendar

3. Stara Planina's highest peak is...
A. Botev
B. Midzhur
C. Buzludzha

4. The lowest temperature in Bulgaria was -38,3ºC, measured in 1947 in...
A. Burgas
B. Kyustendil
C. Tran

5. Which city has six hills?
A. Plovdiv
B. Sofia
C. Veliko Tarnovo

6. Who was Alexander Battenberg?
A. The founder of Bulgaria's Navy
B. The author of Bulgaria's first modern textbook
C. Bulgaria's first ruler after the Ottomans

7. Where do Bulgarians make Patatnik, or baked potato dish?
A. In the Dobrudzha
B. In the Rhodope
C. In the Strandzha

8. Who is considered the Prima of Bulgarian pop music?
A. Lili Ivanova
B. Yordanka Hristova
C. Gyurgya Pindzhurova

9. Bulgaria is...
A. A presidential republic
B. A constitutional monarchy
C. A parliamentary republic


The correct answers to the questions:
1. – C; 2. – A; 3. – A; 4. – C; 5. – A; 6. – C; 7. – B; 8. – A; 9. – C.

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