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Yellow brick road Yellow brick road © Anthony Georgieff

Think you know Bulgaria and the Bulgarians? Take our test to doublecheck

1. What do Bulgarians eat on Christmas Eve?
A. Odd number of veggie dishes
B. Stuffed turkey
C. Roasted lamb

2. Which Bulgarian city has a yellow brick road?
A. Varna
B. Plovdiv
C. Sofia

3. Which of these is not a ski resort?
A. Pamporovo
B. Hisarya
C. Borovets

4. What is an ingredient for mulled Rakiya?
A. Honey
B. Chicken stock
C. Red pepper

5. What is the Bulgarian name for Christmas?
A. Velikden
B. Nikulden
C. Koleda

6. Where is Bulgaria's northernmost point?
A. In Silistra
B. At the mouth of the Timok River
C. On the Belene island

7. Which Bulgarian king has been sanctified?
A. Boris I
B. Simeon the Great
C. Ivan Asen I

8. Where is the Tsarevets fortress?
A. In Stara Zagora
B. In Veliko Tarnovo
C. In Vidin

9. Which of these names is of Bulgarian origin?
A. Elena
B. Sylvia
C. Desislava

The correct answers:
1. – A; 2. – C; 3. – B; 4. – A; 5. – C; 6. – B; 7. – A; 8. – B; 9. – C

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