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Ropotamo? Ropotamo? © Anthony Georgieff

Bulgaria's monthly quizThink you know Bulgaria and the Bulgarians?Take our test to doublecheck

1. Where is the Ropotamo reserve?
A. At the Black Sea
B. In the Rhodope
C. In the Stara Planina

2. Bulgarians believe that on Transfiguration Day, 6 August…
A. The storks head to Africa
B. The sea changes and becomes dangerous
C. The watermelons go bad

3. What is not an ingredient for Kyopoolu, or aubergine paste?
A. Garlic
B. Peppers
C. Eggs

4. How many motorways in Bulgaria are completed?
A. Three
B. Two 
C. One

5. Which eminent Bulgarian victory happened in August?
A. Bulgarians defeated the Byzantines at the Varbitsa Pass, in 811
B. Bulgarians conquered Edirne Fortress, in 1913
C. Bulgarians stopped the Ottomans at Shipka Pass, in 1877

6. Bulgaria's first capital, Pliska, is located in…
A. Northeast Bulgaria
B. Northwest Bulgaria
C. Southwest Bulgaria

7. The name of which Bulgarian city means "wisdom"?
A. Plovdiv
B. Sofia
C. Stara Zagora

8. Under Communism, the Bulgarian police were called…
A. People's Militia
B. People's Gendarmery
C. State Security

9. Who is depicted on the 100 leva banknote?
A. Writer Aleko Konstantinov
B. Poet Pencho Slaveykov
C. Politician Stefan Stambolov 

The correct answers: 
1. – A; 2. – B; 3. – C; 4. – B; 5. – C; 6. – A; 7. – B; 8. – A; 9. – A.

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