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Think you know Bulgaria and the Bulgarians? Take our test to doublecheck

1. When did the April Uprising take place?
A. In 1876
B. In 1877
C. In 1878

2. Which Bulgarian dish should be cooked in earthenware pot?
A. Banitsa
B. Kapama
C. Tripe soup

In which mountain is the Bachkovo Monastery?
A. The Stara Planina
B. The Rhodope
C. The Rila

In Antiquity, Plovdiv was called…
A. Paldin
B. Filibe
C. Philippopolis

Which Bulgarian ruler is buried in Central Sofia?
A. King Boris III
B. Prince Alexander of Battenberg
C. Georgi Dimitrov

The computers Bulgaria manufactured under Communism were called…
A. Pobeda
B. Pioner
C. Pravets

Which movie by a Bulgarian director was Oscar-nominated?
A. Blind Vaysha
B. Viktoria
C. Voevoda

How many Bulgarians live in big and mid-sized cities?
A. 50 percent
B. 64 percent
C. 75 percent

Bulgarians celebrate St George's Day on…
A. 23 April
B. 6 May
C. 1 May

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