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Circus lake in which Bulgarian mountain? Circus lake in which Bulgarian mountain? © Anthony Georgieff

Think you know Bulgaria and the Bulgarians? Take our test to doublecheck

1. The Bulgarian president's term lasts for...
A. Four years
B. Five years
C. Three years

2. In Bulgarian fairy tales, which is the cleverest animals?
A. The fox
B. The bear
C. The wolf

3. Which is the only Bulgarian city with trams?
A. Plovdiv
B. Varna
C. Sofia

4. Bulgarians celebrate their independence from the Ottomans on...
A. 19 February
B. 3 March
C. 1 March

5. What is a Kuker?
A. Bulgarian mummer
B. Bulgarian cheese variety
C. Bulgarian curse word

6. The name of which Bulgarian region means "Crazy Forest"?
A. The Dobrudzha
B. The Podbalkanski Fields
C. The Ludogorie

7. The most popular fruit for Rakiya making is...
A. Grapes
B. Plums
C. Apricots

8. When was Veliko Tarnovo the capital of Bulgaria?
A. Between 681 and 893
B. Between 1185 and 1393
C. Between 1879 and 1944

9. Which of these Bulgarian mountains has circus lakes?
A. The Stara Planina
B. The Pirin
C. The Rhodope

The correct answers to the questions:

1. – B; 2. – A; 3. – C; 4. – B; 5. – A; 6. – C; 7. – A; 8. – B; 9. – B.

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