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Is this or is this not Panelki? Is this or is this not Panelki? © Anthony Georgieff

Think you know Bulgaria and theBulgarians? Take our test to doublecheck

1. Which Bulgarian ruler was mummified after his death?
A. Todor Zhivkov
B. Georgi Dimitrov
C. King Boris III

2. The traditional food for St Nicholas Feast, on 6 December, is...
A. Carp
B. Lamb
C. Beans

3. What is Panelka?
A. A type of traditional pastry
B. The common name of prefabricated blocks of flats
C. A type of quilt

4. What is the ancient name of Sofia?
A. Odessos
B. Nicopolis ad Istrum
C. Serdica

5. The biggest astronomical observatory in the Balkans is in Bulgaria, in...
A. Rozhen Peak, the Rhodope
B. Botev Peak, the Stara Planina
C. Vihren Peak, the Pirin

6. What is the key ingredient of the Bulgarian version of mulled wine?
A. Honey
B. Apples
C. Black pepper

7. Which Bulgarian ski resort is in the Rila mountain?
A. Bansko
B. Borovets
C. Pamporovo

8. Which is Bulgaria's smallest city?
A. Melnik
B. Malko Tarnovo
C. Dolna Oryahovitsa

9. What is the Bulgarian for Christmas?
A. Koleda
B. Velikden
C. Ignazhden

The correct answers:

1. - B; 2. - A; 3. - B; 4. - C; 5. - A; 6. - C; 7. - B; 8. - A; 9. - A.

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